How to Put Full Reel on Instagram Story? [Easy Guide]

How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Stories? You’ve captured that perfect moment or crafted an impeccable Reel, polished it, and now you’re eager to unveil it to the Instagram world. Yet, you’re hesitant about featuring the entire beautifully made Reel on your Instagram Story.

Fear not! We’ve got you covered. By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll seamlessly add and view full Reels on Instagram Stories like a pro!

Today, we’ll delve into important aspects such as “how to post a full-size Reel on Instagram,” including understanding the disparity between Reels and Stories, the advantages of sharing Reels to Stories, and, naturally, the steps on how to share a full video on Instagram Story.

What are Instagram Reels and Stories?

Instagram Reels and Stories
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Before we dive into the step-by-step instructions, let’s quickly understand the difference between Instagram Reels and Stories.

While both features allow you to share videos and pictures with your followers, there are some key distinctions:

  • Reels: Instagram Reels are short videos that can be up to 90 seconds long (according to the new policy). These videos can include various creative effects and editing features. Reels stay on your profile indefinitely unless you choose to remove them.
  • Stories: Instagram Stories are videos or pictures that can be shared for only 24 hours before they disappear from your profile. Stories offer different interactive features like stickers, text, GIFs, and more.

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Why Share Reels on Your Instagram Story?

Why Share Reels on Instagram Stories
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Sharing Reels in your Instagram Story can be a smart and fun move for several reasons:

  • More People See It: Reels on your Story are visible to your followers and potentially to a wider audience if your account is public. This means your content can reach beyond just your followers.
  • Show Off Your Creativity: Putting Reels in your Story allows you to showcase your creativity and share content you’re proud of. It’s an excellent way to highlight your best work.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: You can use Reels in your Story to keep your audience informed about the latest trends, news, or events. This is especially useful for content creators, businesses, and influencers.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Adding Reels to your Story can increase engagement. Viewers can interact with the content using reactions, comments, or direct messages, helping build a community around your content.
  • Let Your Personality Shine: Sharing Reels in your Story lets you add your personality to your account, making it more relatable and authentic.
  • Promote Your Content: If you’ve made Reels for promotional purposes, sharing them in your Story can direct people to your main feed or profile, where you might have other important content or calls to action.
  • Educate Your Audience: If your Reels offer valuable information or tutorials, sharing them in your Story is an effective way to educate your audience.
  • Be Consistent: Regularly sharing Reels in your Story helps establish a content schedule and keeps your audience engaged, letting them know when to expect new content.

Ideal Reel Length

Ideal Reel Length
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The IG reel’s length can be up to 90 seconds long, but the ideal length depends on your goals. For grabbing consumer attention, opt for a brief 2-10-second video. If you aim to connect with your audience and tell a story, a 60-90-second reel is more suitable.

How to Post Full Reel on Instagram Story?

Post Full Reel on Instagram Story
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To post a full reel to your Instagram Story, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Create Your Reel: First, create the reel you want to share. Make sure it’s less than 15 seconds long if you want to post it directly to your Story.
  • Save Your Reel: Once you’ve created your reel, save it to your camera roll. To do this, after creating your reel, tap on the arrow icon (usually found at the bottom right corner of the screen) and then tap “Save” or “Save to Camera Roll.”
  • Open Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Access Your Story: Swipe right from your Instagram feed or tap on your profile picture at the top-left corner of the screen to access your Story.
  • Select Your Reel: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or tap on the camera icon to open your camera roll. Find and select the reel you saved earlier.
  • Edit Your Reel (Optional): You can add text, stickers, drawings, or other effects to your reel if you like. Tap on the icons at the top of the screen to access these editing options.
  • Post Your Reel: Once you’re satisfied with your reel and any edits you’ve made, tap on the “Your Story” button at the bottom-left corner of the screen to post it to your Story.
  • Adjust Visibility (Optional): You can adjust who can view your Story by tapping on the settings icon (usually looks like a gear or three dots) before posting. From there, you can choose “Close Friends,” “Custom,” or “Hide Story From.”

That’s it! Your full reel should now be posted to your Instagram Story for your followers to view. Keep in mind that if your reel is longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will automatically split it into multiple segments for your Story.

How to Repost a Full Reel on Instagram?

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Sharing someone else’s Reel on your Instagram Story is a fantastic way to let your audience know what interests you and support a friend or mutual’s content. Repost videos that match your niche or share posts that give your followers a peek into your unique personality and hobbies.

Here’s a simple guide on how to share another user’s full Reel on your Instagram Story:

  • Open the Instagram app and log in.
  • Go to the person’s profile or find the Reel in your feed.
  • Click on the Reel you want to share.
  • Tap the “Share” button (the paper airplane icon).
  • Choose “Add to Story.”
  • Preview the Story, adjust the background color, and add text or stickers.
  • Tap “Your Story” to post the Reel to your Story.

Don’t forget to tag the original creator when sharing their Reel on your Story. This notifies them that you’ve shared their content, giving them the option to repost your Story and potentially introduce your content and profile to their followers as well.

How to Post 60-Second or 90-Second Full Reel on Instagram Story?

Posting a 60- or 90-second full reel on your Instagram Story is a great way to share longer videos with your followers. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Create Your Video: First, make sure your video is edited to be either 60 or 90 seconds long, depending on your preference. Use video editing software or apps to trim and edit your footage as needed.
  • Save Your Video: Once your video is edited, save or download it to your camera roll or gallery on your device. Make sure it’s saved in a format that Instagram supports, such as MP4.
  • Open Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you’re logged in to the account where you want to post the video.
  • Access Stories: Tap on your profile picture at the top left corner of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed to access the Stories camera.
  • Upload Your Video: Swipe up on the screen or tap the camera roll icon at the bottom left corner to access your camera roll or gallery. Select the video you want to upload from your device.
  • Trim Your Video: Instagram Stories have a maximum length of 15 seconds per clip. Since your video is longer, you’ll need to trim it into multiple 15-second segments. Use Instagram’s built-in trimming tool to divide your video into 15-second clips.
  • Add Segments to Your Story: Once you’ve trimmed your video into segments, they will appear as separate clips in your Story queue at the bottom of the screen. Tap on each segment to add it to your Story.
  • Arrange Segments: Arrange the segments in the order you want them to appear by tapping and holding on a segment, then dragging it to the desired position in your Story queue.
  • Post Your Story: Once you’re satisfied with the order of your video segments, tap “Your Story” at the bottom left corner of the screen to post them to your Instagram Story.
  • Add Stickers or Text (Optional): You can further customize your Story by adding stickers, text, drawings, or other effects to each segment before posting.
  • Share: Tap “Send To” to share your Story with your followers. You can also choose to share it with specific friends or groups.

How to Schedule a Reel to Your Instagram Story?

How to Schedule a Reel to Your Instagram Story?
Source: Eklipse Blog – How to Schedule a Reel to Your Instagram Story?

The moments when you come up with a Story idea and when it’s ideal to share it may not always match. Planning when to share your Stories is an efficient way to schedule your content for when your followers are most active, ensuring you maximize the reach and engagement of your posts.

Here’s how to schedule a Reel to your Instagram Story using marketing tools like Hootsuite:

  • Open Hootsuite (or another scheduling app of your choice) and log in.
  • Save a copy of your completed Reel to your phone.
  • Tap “Create post” on the left-hand menu on the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • Choose the account where you want to post the Story.
  • Select “Story” under the “Content” section.
  • Tap the “Upload” icon to add your Reel to the platform.
  • Preview the Story and choose “Schedule for later.”
  • Pick a time for your Story to go live.
  • Click “Schedule.”

You can also use a photo editor app like Canva to enhance your Story with appealing text and images before uploading and scheduling it in the dashboard.

How to Allow Others to Share Your Posts

On Instagram, allowing others to share your posts is the default setting, and you don’t have to activate any specific options. If your account is public, the built-in sharing feature of Instagram allows other users to share your posts. Here’s how it functions:

  • Make sure your Instagram account is set to public. If it’s private, only your approved followers can view your posts; and others who don’t follow you won’t be able to share them.
  • The share icon (a paper airplane icon) below the post—next to the heart (like) and speech bubble (comment) icon—will appear. If your account is public, anyone viewing your post can click this icon to share it with their followers.
  • When someone clicks the share icon, they can either send it directly to specific individuals via Direct Message or share it with their Story. (Note: If your post is shared via Direct Message, the original post will be sent to the recipient.)

While you can’t disable the share feature, you can manage who can send your posts via Direct Message. Adjust these settings by these steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click “Profile”
  • Find “Privacy” > “Messages”
  • Tap on “Allow others to send you photos and videos”
  • Pick either “Everyone” or “People I follow” based on your preference

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Final Thoughts

Creating engaging Instagram Reels and sharing them effectively on your Stories is essential for maximizing reach and engagement. By following simple steps, you can post full Reels on your Instagram Stories, allowing you to showcase your creativity, inform your audience, and boost interaction. Whether you’re promoting your content, sharing valuable information, or simply connecting with your followers, knowing how to utilize both Reels and Stories can significantly enhance your Instagram presence.

To streamline your video editing process and create stunning Reels effortlessly, try Eklipse, an advanced AI video editing tool. Eklipse can automatically generate Reels from your streams, personalize your content with animated captions, stickers, and emojis, and even schedule your posts for optimal engagement. Save time and achieve viral success with Eklipse. Sign up now at and start enhancing your Instagram presence today!

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