Social Media Demographics: Important Key Insights (2023)

The importance of a data-driven social media strategy cannot be overstated. To make the most of your time and budget, it is crucial to understand the latest social media demographics and focus on the platforms where your target audience is present. In this article, we provide key insights into the latest social media demographics in 2023. Let’s dive in!


Facebook, in 2023, continues to hold its title as the largest social media platform globally, boasting a staggering 2.963 billion monthly active users. There are 18.1% FB users within the ages of 18-24; 25.7% between the ages of 25-24%; 18.1% users between the ages of 35-44; and 13.6% users between the ages of 45-54.

However, there are notable takeaways from Facebook’s demographics this year. While it remains a dominant force for both consumers and marketers, the time spent on Facebook is showing a decline as overall social media usage continues to grow. Additionally, younger audiences are shifting their attention towards platforms like TikTok, which offer fresh and engaging content experiences.

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Instagram, with a self-reported user base of 2 billion users in 2023, continues to enjoy steady growth. The largest age group on the platform falls in the 18-24 category, constituting nearly 31% of Instagram’s users. The gender distribution is balanced, with 50% of users identifying as female and 50% as male. On average, users spend approximately 30.1 minutes per day on the platform.

Among the notable takeaways from Instagram’s demographics for 2023 is its consistent growth, particularly among Gen Z users. The introduction of Reels, which emphasizes short-form videos, has led to increased engagement. Instagram is also evolving into an e-commerce hub, making it a compelling platform for content creators and live streamers to explore.


TikTok’s user base in 2023 stands at a remarkable 834.3 million monthly active users. The platform’s largest age group continues to be the 18-34 demographic, comprising 36.9% of its user base. Gender distribution on TikTok is relatively balanced, with 53.1% female users and 32.8% male users. On average, users spend approximately 45.8 minutes per day enjoying TikTok’s content.

Notably, TikTok’s popularity and user base are growing rapidly, drawing the attention of an increasing number of content creators and influencers. To cater to business-minded users, TikTok is introducing advanced advertising options and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, solidifying its position as a dynamic platform for content creators.

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YouTube maintains its status as a video content giant with a staggering 2.70 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2023. The largest age group on YouTube comprises users aged 15-35, signifying the platform’s strong appeal to younger audiences. On average, users spend a substantial 45.6 minutes per day on the platform.

Crucially, YouTube’s popularity among younger users underscores the broader shift towards video content consumption. YouTube Shorts, a feature emphasizing short-form videos, is gaining traction, providing an additional avenue for content creators.


It is important to note that these demographics are generalized, and it is advisable to compare them with your own social media presence. However, by understanding social media demographics, you can prioritize platforms and tailor your strategy accordingly. Good luck!

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