How To Get 3-Minute Videos On TikTok

How to make a 3 minute TikTok? Is that possible? Well, TikTok previously only let its users to create a 1-minute clip, but the good news is they now provide a longer duration for each clip up to three minutes!

However, if you are a newcomer to TikTok, you might not know how to set the time limit before recording a new video. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is going to tell you how to make 3-minute videos on TikTok without any additional app. Without further ado, let’s just get started.

How To Get 3-Minute Videos On TikTok Directly

To create 3-minute clips on TikTok, you simply need to follow these steps. Just a quick note, make sure you have updated your TikTok app to the latest version to access the feature.

  • First, open the TikTok app on your device and log in to your account.
  • Then, click the plus button at the bottom of the screen.
shorten a clip on TikTok
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  • Choose the ‘3m’ option above the recording button.
A screenshot showing how to record longer TIkTok videos with the 3 minute limit.
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  • Next, start the recording process until it reached 3 minutes long.
  • That’s it. Now you can create a TikTok video up to 3 minutes.
  • In addition, you can collage several videos from your phone gallery as long as it’s not longer than 3 minutes.

How To Make a 3 Minute TikTok With Music?

One of the best ways to make your TikTok videos more appealing is by adding a soundtrack. The question is, can you add music to the 3-minutes long video? Of course, you definitely can do it without hassle.

However, TikTok only allows you to add music for below 1 minute duration. That’s too bad, but no need to worry much since you can still add a longer soundtrack to your TikTok clip using additional software.

Please welcome Eklipse TikTok Editor. This AI-powered software is more than capable of helping you edit your TikTok video. Only in a couple of clicks, you can get the clip in your hands. Here’s how to use it.

  • Download your TikTok video or simply copy the URL link.
  • Then, hop on to the Eklipse official site.
  • Log in or register for your account if you haven’t.

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  • Afterward, paste the copied URL link into the bar and hit the Convert Now button.
how to upload long video on TikTok from gallery
  • In addition, you can import any existing file from the local library by hitting the Upload button.
  • Next up, select your favorite TikTok template and click Continue Editing.
Screenshots showing how to add TikTok audio to longer videos.
  • Select the specific area you want to show. Adjust the duration as well.
  • Hit Next.
how to make a 3-minute video on tiktok 2022
  • Write a title and set the output resolution. For more HD quality, try Eklipse Premium.
how to make a 3-minute tiktok with music
  • Navigate to Add Music section, select your favorite music, and adjust the volume.
  • Finally, hit the Confirm button and let it process your clip for several minutes.
how to get 3-minute songs on tiktok
  • Find the clip under the Edited Clips option on the homepage.
how to make tiktok video longer than 60 seconds
  • Click the edited clip, and hit the Share option under the preview.
  • Check the TikTok small box, write a title and description, and hit Share Now.
How To Get 3-Minute Videos On TikTok
  • Voila! Now your video is airing on your TikTok page.


Now that you know how to get 3-minute videos on TikTok, you can try to create some with music and gain eyeballs as many as possible. Anyway, don’t forget to try Eklipse to help you grow your channel. Happy TikTok-ing!

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