5 Best Copyright-Free Music Options for Kick Streamers

Are you a Kick streamer looking to find the perfect music for your streams? Discovering suitable copyright-free music can be a challenge, but fret not!

In this article, we’ll explore the top sources for copyright-free music for Kick streamers. Let’s jump right in!

1. Epidemic Sound: Extensive Collection of Royalty-Free Tracks

Epidemic Sound boasts a vast library of over 34,000 high-quality copyright-free music for Kick streamers.

Regardless of whether you’re streaming on Kick, Twitch, or YouTube, Epidemic Sound has got you covered. You have the flexibility to download specific parts of a track, allowing you to curate a playlist tailored to your preferences.

With affordable pricing options and a 30-day free trial, Epidemic Sound ensures that you can enjoy their music without any copyright concerns. They regularly update their library, ensuring a fresh supply of melodies to elevate your channel.

2. OWN3D: Fusion of Graphics and Music

OWN3D is renowned for its exceptional graphics, including Kick panels and overlays. But that’s not all—they also offer a diverse selection of sound effects and music.

They provide over 200 LoFi and Synthwave songs across eight compilations, all of which are royalty-free. While playing Spotify on broadcasting software is prohibited, you can utilize extensions to create a personalized Twitch Spotify playlist.

3. Jingle Punks Music: Premium Melodies for Streamlabs Prime Users

Jingle Punks Music is a fantastic option for Kick streamers who are Streamlabs Prime users.

With a repertoire of over 100,000 professionally crafted songs spanning various categories, you’ll have no shortage of choices. Select from pre-arranged playlists or create your very own unique playlist.

Jingle Punks Music also offers streamer-friendly features, enabling you to set soundtracks for your viewers while keeping them muted for yourself. This minimizes distractions during your Kick stream.

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4. Pretzel Rocks: A Streamer’s Haven

Pretzel Rocks is a reliable resource that houses an extensive library of safe music for streamers. While their service is free, chat attribution is mandatory, ensuring that the artist, track title, and purchase link are credited in the chatbox.

If you prefer to skip this step, you can opt for the premium package at $4.99 per month. It’s worth noting that 70% of the subscription fee directly supports the artists who created the music.

5. StreamBeats: Royalty-Free Music by Harris Heller

StreamBeats is a collection of over six hours of royalty-free music curated by Harris Heller, popularly known as Alpha Gaming.

Heller generously recorded this music for fellow streamers to freely use during their Kick streams. Consider contributing to the streaming community by sharing your own original royalty-free music as well.


Incorporating copyright-free music into your Kick streams can greatly enhance the viewer experience.

Take advantage of platforms like Epidemic Sound, OWN3D, Jingle Punks Music, Pretzel Rocks, and StreamBeats to access a wide array of royalty-free music that aligns with Kick’s guidelines. Elevate your streams with captivating melodies while ensuring compliance with copyright regulations.

Happy streaming on Kick!

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