How to Customize Discord Text Color and Boost Engagement

Discord, a popular communication platform for gamers and communities, doesn’t offer built-in options for text color customization. However, you can elevate your messages by leveraging Discord’s coding features. This guide will walk you through the process of changing text colors on Discord and explore ways to enhance your communication.

How to Change Discord Text Color

To add color to your text on Discord, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set Up Your Message

Begin by typing your message across three lines. The first line should consist of three backtick symbols (`), found above the TAB key on your keyboard, followed by the code language name (e.g., CSS or HTTP).

Step 2: Craft Your Message

On the second line, type your message, incorporating specific characters based on your desired text color. Holding SHIFT while pressing ENTER helps move to the second line.

Step 3: Close Your Message

Finish your message on the last line by closing it with three more backtick symbols (`).

Creating Different Text Colors in Discord

When using the code feature, you can produce Discord text boxes in various colors, including:

Red Text Discord

Use this code create any red text Discord:

– Type anything after the dash and it should turn red

Orange Text Discord

[Type anything within brackets and it should turn orange]

Yellow Text Discord

[Type anything within brackets and it should turn orange]

Dark Green Text Discord

“You will need to type your dark green text within quotation marks”

Light Green Discord Text

+ Type anything to turn the text light green

Blue Discord Text

[Type anything within brackets and it should turn blue]


Customizing text colors in Discord not only adds a creative touch but also helps your messages stand out. Experiment with different colors to make your communication more engaging and ensure your messages don’t go unnoticed. Boost your online presence and interaction within your Discord community with this simple yet effective customization feature.

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