How to Get Alerts on OBS for Unlocking More Engagement


How to get alerts on OBS for gaining more engagement while doing streams? While the software offers a wealth of tools, setting up alerts can be a mystery to many.

Fear not! This guide will show you exactly how to get alerts on OBS and make your stream more interactive and exciting. Let’s dive in!

How to Set Up Stream Alerts in OBS

To enable Twitch alerts in OBS, you’ll first need to create your alerts using services such as Streamlabs, Streamelements, or Pixel Chat.

Once your overlays are ready, follow these steps to add them as browser sources in OBS:

Step 1: Adding Browser Sources

  • Click the plus icon in the bottom right of the sources section and select “Browser.”
  • Create a new browser source and give it a name, like “Alerts.”

Step 2: Pasting the URL

  • In the “URL” section, paste the browser source URL you obtained when setting up your alerts using the external service.
  • Click “OK.”

Important notes:

If you encounter any issues with the browser source being cut off, adjust the width and height properties (1920 x 1080) of your alerts browser source.

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How to Display OBS Alerts

You have several options for displaying your OBS alerts on your Twitch stream. Consider these popular choices:

  1. Alert Box: Activate customizable graphics and sounds that appear on-screen when viewers interact with you. You can even create multiple versions of Twitch alerts for different types of interactions.
  2. Event List: Showcase the last several viewer actions in a corner of your screen using an event list.
  3. Panels: Utilize Twitch extensions to display leaderboards or recent activity, allowing viewers to see their rankings within your channel.
  4. Stream Labels: If you use Google Chrome, stream labels can be employed to showcase your alerts.

Different Types of Twitch Alerts

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Take advantage of various types of alerts to highlight different viewer activities on your channel:

  1. Follows: When a new viewer follows your channel.
  2. Hosts: When another streamer hosts your channel.
  3. Raids: When another streamer brings their viewers to your channel through a raid.
  4. Subscriptions: When your followers support your channel by subscribing.
  5. Cheers: When viewers show their support by sending bits.
  6. Tips/Donations: When viewers contribute to your channel through third-party donations.

In addition, try to vary alerts for returning subscribers and higher cheers to incentivize engagement. You can also randomize variations for freshness and avoid monotony.

Where to Find Twitch Alerts

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If you’re in need of Twitch alerts, check out these reliable sources:


Known for its vast collection of graphics for streamers, OWN3D offers Twitch alerts through their Twitch extension, featuring both free and premium options that automatically play on your stream.

Nerd or Die

With graphics and alerts catering to diverse streamers, Nerd or Die provides options that match the personality of your channel and community.


For custom-designed alerts, you can find talented designers on Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers.

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By following the steps outlined above and utilizing the recommended platforms, you’ll enhance viewer engagement and create a more interactive streaming experience.

Get ready to captivate your audience and take your stream to new heights!

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