How To Become Facebook Gaming Partner

If you are a streamer and regularly use Facebook gaming as the platform, you might be familiar with the Facebook Gaming Partner feature. This is a way to grow your career as a streamer on Facebook. However, many people still wonder how to become Facebook Gaming Partner.

To be Facebook Gaming Partner is actually tricky. You need to fulfil several requirements from Facebook. But it’s possible to do if you are persistent and consistent. So, through this article, we’re going to guide you on How To Become Facebook Gaming Partner.

What Is Facebook Gaming Partner?

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It is when you have already been noticed and discovered by Facebook due to your content. Of course, once you’ve succeeded to be a partner, there will be so many advantages you can get in order to increase your channel’s engagement.

All you need to do to make Facebook recognize you as its partner is to surpass the Level Up program. The level Up program is a similar thing as the Affiliate Program when it comes to Twitch. Additionally, this is the entry point to be able to partner with Facebook Gaming.

Once you passed the Level Up program by Facebook, you’ll then be eligible to unlock Facebook stars, and open the opportunity for your followers and fans to support you financially. On top of that, Facebook will also give you a kind of ‘salary’, according to your content.

To do so, there are several milestones you need to fulfil. You’re going to find out in the next discussion.

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Building a Strong Facebook Gaming Profile

A. Creating Compelling Content:

  1. Understanding your target audience and their interests:
    • Get to know your target audience by researching popular games, genres, and gaming trends.
    • Tailor your content to align with their interests and preferences, creating a connection with your viewers.
  2. Showcasing your unique personality and gaming expertise:
    • Let your personality shine through your streams by being authentic and genuine.
    • Share your gaming expertise, strategies, and insights to provide value and engage viewers.

B. Consistency and Interaction:

  1. Establishing a regular streaming schedule:
    • Set a consistent streaming schedule that works for you and communicates it to your audience.
    • Regular streams create anticipation and build a loyal viewer base.
  2. Actively engaging with viewers through chat interactions, comments, and community events:
    • Interact with your viewers by responding to chat messages and comments during your streams.
    • Host community events, Q&A sessions, or viewer games to foster a sense of community and keep viewers engaged.

C. Stream Optimization:

  1. Ensuring high-quality audio and video production:
    • Invest in a good-quality microphone and webcam for clear audio and video.
    • Check and adjust audio levels to ensure a pleasant listening experience for viewers.
  2. Utilizing relevant hashtags, engaging titles, and appealing thumbnails:
    • Research and use relevant hashtags to make your content discoverable by users interested in specific games or topics.
    • Create engaging and descriptive titles that capture attention and accurately represent the content of your streams.
    • Design appealing thumbnails that stand out and entice viewers to click and watch your streams.

Remember, building a strong Facebook Gaming profile takes time and dedication. By understanding your audience, showcasing your personality, being consistent, engaging with viewers, optimizing your streams, and utilizing’s innovative software, you’ll be on your way to creating a compelling and thriving Facebook Gaming presence.

How To Surpass The Level Up Program?

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Before you think to be partnered with Facebook, you need to complete the following requirements to join the Level Up program. Here are what you need to do first:

  • Create a Gaming Video Creator page
  • Or, you are also able to convert your current Facebook page into a creator page
  • Stream at least 4 hours over 2 days, within the last 2 weeks
  • Owned 100 followers or more on the Gaming page
  • Active for at least 30 days

Once you get all of the requirements, you can then hit the apply button. Nonetheless, you will not officially join the Level Up program but wait until Facebook reaches you and declare that you are cool to be a part of the Level Up program.

How To Get Discovered By Facebook Gaming?

Want to Make Level Up or Even Partner? All the info you need here! :  r/FacebookGaming
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In addition, to join the Level Up program, you also need to do several things if you want Facebook Gaming to notice you and recognize you to be their partner.

First, you need to follow all the Facebook Guidelines regarding the rules of content making and becoming a partner. Secondly, be consistent to make entertaining or educational content, and then try to increase the engagement with your audiences.


That’s all about how to become Facebook Gaming Partner. Sounds easy yet tricky to do actually. However, this is really worth trying if you want to grow your Facebook channel. Good luck!

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