How to Hook Up Nintendo Switch to TV in Two Quick Ways

How to Hook Up Nintendo Switch to TV
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Playing your favorite games on Nintendo Switch is incredibly fun. But it’ll be more exciting if you can get them on a bigger screen. Fortunately, Nintendo allows you to connect their portable console to a TV easily. Once you know how to hook up Nintendo Switch to TV, you’re good to go.

Luckily, you have stopped on this article where you can find a comprehensive guide to connecting Nintendo Switch to TV. Well, let’s start it right away.

How to Hook Up Nintendo Switch to TV Easily

It only needs some steps to do to connect your Switch to your TV. Follow the instructions below, and start playing your Switch games immediately.

  1. To begin with, turn off the Switch and open the back cover of your Nintendo Switch Dock.
How to Hook Up Nintendo Switch to TV
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  1. Connect the USB-C plug from the Switch power adapter into the top terminal labeled “AC ADAPTER”.
  2. Then, connect the other end of the AC adapter to a wall outlet.
how to hook up nintendo switch to tv without dock
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  1. Now, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the dock terminal labeled “HDMI OUT”.
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  1. Afterward, connect the other end to an HDMI port on your TV.
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  1. Close the back cover of the dock and remove both controllers from the console.
  2. Insert the console with its screen facing the same direction as the front plate of the dock.
  3. Once it’s docked, the console screen will shut off.
  4. Next up, turn on the TV, as well as the Switch console.
  5. Finally, whenever you’re going to play a game, just select the correct HDMI channel on your TV.
  6. Bingo! You’re now able to see your gameplay on a wider screen!

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV Without The Dock

Have you forgotten where you put the dock? Fret not since you can still connect your Switch to a TV immediately. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Start over by turning off the Switch and set it up on a stand or lay it flat on a table near the TV.
How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV
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  1. Next up, disconnect the USB-C and HDMI cables from the dock’s back.
  2. Reconnect them to the HDMI adapter using the corresponding ports.
Source: Alphr
  1. Then, connect the adapter to the bottom side of the Switch.
  2. Choose the correct HDMI channel on your TV.


Now that you know how to hook up Nintendo switch to TV, you’ll get a better gaming experience. You can clearly see enemies, routes, objects, and more things in the game. Give it a try and have so much fun in your free time! If you don’t want to share your gameplay while playing a game, you can start broadcasting it on Twitch or other streaming platforms and let everyone know your skill.

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