How to Send Clips to Top Warzone Moments

How to send clips to Top Warzone Moments? This might be a FAQ lately since many people got more interested in CoD Warzone clips as their new source of entertainment.

As everyone knows, Call of Duty is a fast-paced high-intensity game where the glory becomes something uneasy to get here. No wonder whenever players have succeeded to get epic kills within the game, it encourages them to record that gaming moment and show it to the world.

Thankfully, nowadays you can share your epic clips to many platforms in order to get a high number of views. So, this article is going to give you a complete guide about where and how to send your Call of Duty top Warzone moments. Just read on below.

Where and How to Send Clips To Top Warzone Moments

We have listed some platforms and accounts which allow you to share your best CoD moments. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Top Call of Duty Plays Submission on YouTube

How to Send Clips to Top Warzone Moments
Source: YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sharing platforms so far. Whenever you feel bored and need entertainment, you can find them here. So that’s including the Warzone clips. Apart from enjoying the clips or videos, you can also be the creator.

There’s a YouTube channel named Top Call of Duty Plays with 600K+ subscribers and at least 400K+ views per video. This channel shows clips from various Warzone players about epic or funny in-game moments. Additionally, this channel also lets you submit your best Warzone clips.

If you’ve decided to send your best Warzone clips, you can fill a Google Form link that is shared by this channel. Once you’ve submitted it, it will soon appear on the channel’s videos. Other than this channel, you can also send your clips to the Top Warzone Moments channel for the alternative.

Submit the Clips to Instagram

You can also submit your interesting Warzone clips to Instagram. There are a lot of accounts that will help you to post and show your clips on their feeds. It’s @topcallofdutyplays that will share daily Warzone moments. To be able to put on your clips on their feed, you can just send the video through the DM.

Call of Duty top Warzone moments
Source: Warzone Best Clips Instagram

Other than that, there is @warzonebestclips which also allows you to share your clips. If you want your clips to be uploaded on their Instagram, you can go to their profile and click the link on the Bio. Furthermore, the link will direct you to another site where you can submit the clips.

There will be other buttons to bring you to other social media such as Facebook, TikTok, or Twitch. Just click on the Submit clips button, and they will upload it soon on their Instagram feed.

Let Them Upload Your Clips on Facebook

Source: Facebook

The @warzonebestclips also has their Facebook account. You can also share your clips with this account. Whenever you visit the page, you’ll see the email address on their contact info. You can reach them and send them your clips through this email or the DM.

Wait until they post your video on their page. So that everyone can see your insane moment in Warzone. Their 493K followers might be able to help you gain more viewers for your videos here.

Reach Out Reddit

You can similarly upload your clips on Reddit. We suggest you find a channel named Warzone Clips if you are going to share your clips here. Additionally, this channel has more than 10K+ subscribers.

To submit your videos, just fill in the Google Form and wait for them to upload your exciting Warzone clips. Let people know you through this.


So that’s all about how to send clips to Top Warzone Moments or other channels on various platforms. The existence of these channels has been really helpful not only as a resource of entertainment but also for branding yourself. Share it now and let people see your gaming skill!

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