How To Start Live Streaming On Instagram: 1 Minute Beginner Guide

Going live on Instagram is one of the best strategies to grow your business or even your career as an influencer. However, if you are new to this platform, you may not know yet how to start live streaming on Instagram.

Luckily, it’s quite easy to do, especially if you follow our guide here. Alright, at this very minute, we’re gonna learn together how to do live streaming on Instagram.

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How To Start Live Streaming on Instagram

instagram live producer
instagram live producer

Before going to the tutorial about going live on Instagram, it’s a good idea to adjust your Instagram Live settings first. It’s essential to make sure that you produce nice output for your viewers so you can make them stay longer on your streaming session. Here are the steps.

  1. First thing first, open the Instagram Live mode view.
  2. Navigate to the gear icon on the upper side to access Camera Settings.
  3. After that, tap on the Live option.
  4. You can select if you want to hide your Live from specific people and set whether your Live will be saved to archive after finished.
  5. Other than that, you can also set which camera you want to start with, and more.
  6. Once done setting up your camera, then hit Done.
  7. In case you want to filter any offensive comments, go to Instagram Settings.
How To Start Live Streaming on Instagram
  1. Then, scroll down until you find the Privacy option.
how to do live streaming on Instagram
  1. Hit the Hidden Words > toggle the Hide Comments button to the On position.
how to go Instagram live on iPhone
  1. Alternatively, you are also able to use the Advanced comment filtering option.
  1. If you have set all of that stuff, now you’re ready to broadcast!

How To Go Live On Instagram On the Phone

It’s time to stream yourself on Instagram! Are you excited? Well, if so, let’s just take a look at the tutorial below, and follow every step-by-step. Here we go!

  1. To begin with, make sure you have installed the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Then, launch the app and log in to your account.
  3. Hop on to the plus ‘+’ icon in the upper-side corner.
How To Go Live On Instagram On the Phone
Tap on the plus icon to open the Live mode | Source: Business Insider
  1. Alternatively, swipe right to open the New Post page.
  2. Now on the New Post page, swipe all the way to the left in the menu bar at the bottom corner of the page to access Live.
swipe left until your reach the Live option | Source: Business Insider
  1. Next up, a camera screen will show up.
  2. Hit the four lines icon on the left side to add the video title.
  3. In case you want to make your video for fundraising, tap on the ‘circle with a heart in it’ icon.
hit the four lines icon to write a title | Source: Business Insider
  1. Now when you’re ready to go live, tap the circle icon at the bottom corner of the screen.
Tap the circle icon to start streaming | Source: Business Insider
  1. To end the live session, simply tap on the X icon on the upper-right side.
The X icon to stop the Live session | Source: Business Insider
  1. Finally, hit End Now option from the pop-up message.

After ended the Live session, Instagram will allow you to share the video for the next 24 hours on Instagram Stories. Otherwise, you can also choose to Delete it.

In addition, Instagram will give a notification to all your followers when you’re Live and it also shows how many people watched your video.

How To Start Instagram Live Video With A Guest

Instagram allows you to conduct Live streaming along with other users as well, or let’s say a guest. The method is pretty much the same as the previous one but with some more steps to do. Here’s how.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Navigate to the plus ‘+’ icon or simply swipe right to access the Live mode.
How To Start Instagram Live Video With A Guest
Tap on the plus icon to access the Live mode | Source: Business Insider
  1. Swipe right all the way until you reach the Live screen.
swipe left until your reach the Live option | Source: Business Insider
  1. When you saw the camera screen, tap on the four lines icon to write a title.
  2. Optionally, hit the ‘circle with a heart in it’ icon to make your video a fundraiser.
  3. Then, hit the circle icon to start going live.
  4. Once you’re live, hit the video camera icon at the bottom side of the screen.
Navigate to the video camera icon to invite other user | Source: Business Insider
  1. Type any username of someone you want to go live with.
  2. After that, tick the circle button next to their and tap Send Request.
Source: Business Insider
  1. Alternatively, you can also find someone to broadcast together in the list of viewers.
  2. After inviting them to join your live, their video will appear alongside your video.
  3. In case you want to remove a friend from your Instagram Live, simply tap X at the top-right corner of their screen.
Doc. Kumparan

How To Request To Join Someone Else’s Live

Do you want to join someone’s Live on Instagram? That’s definitely doable even when you aren’t being invited first. You can simply send a request to join their live. Check the tutorial below to help you go live with your friend.

  1. Starting off by opening another user’s live session.
  2. Then, tap Request to join.
  3. Hit the Send request option to request to be in their Instagram live.
  4. There will be a notification for you to let you know if your request has been accepted or denied.

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There you have it, how to start live streaming on Instagram. Isn’t it easy? Some quick steps to make your live session attractive are to make sure you are communicative enough with your audience, engage with them, and bring nice, informative, or entertaining content.

In case you want to do Instagram live streaming on PC, you can learn from our previous article: How To Stream Computer To Instagram With OBS, and Do Facebook and Instagram Live Simultaneously if you wish to stream your Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Hopefully, you’ll find this article useful to help you grow on Instagram and develop your business. Enjoy the Live!

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