9 Tricks How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

Everyone loves to make awesome Instagram Reels. But sometimes, even though you already made incredible content, the views can be not up to your expectation.

There are many reasons for this. It can be your content, it can be your posting time, it can be hashtags, or it can be anything.

But, don’t be overwhelmed by it, we got you covered! We already list 9 tricks to get more views on Instagram reels.

Besides, you may also want to find out how Instagram reels algorithm works and how to conquer it through our guide: How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2023.

So without further ado, let’s check this out!

Tips About How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

You can’t just make and post Instagram Reels with no clear calculation. Unless you do it for no business purpose. These are some tips for you to increase your reels’ value and engagement from your audience.

1. Make a Meaningful Content

Shroud for example,

Valuable content is the most important thing to get more views to your Instagram Reels.

Content can be considered “valuable” if the content fits your niche and it’s true to your character.

For example, if you are a gaming creator, you can consider at least 3 content values from the niche, which are: Educational, informational, or entertainment.

You can share some tricks in beating the game if you want to go educational, share the latest update to go informational, or simply share the highlight of your streaming moments also great for more entertaining content.

Share some IRL content from time to time so your Instagram Reels audience can have some refreshment on the content.

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2. Know The Best Time To Post Instagram Reels

If we are talking about posting a reel for business or marketing purposes, it’s mandatory to choose the best time. You can’t post your reel at a random time. There must be perfect times to post the reels based on your target.

The Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2022 | Statusbrew
Source: Statusbrew

So, before you think about the perfect time to post Instagram reels, know your target first. Once you have decided on the audience, you’ll know the pattern of when they will dive into their Instagram. It will be easier to determine the time to post your reels

Just take note, and avoid over-posting. Despite that you already know the perfect time to publish a reel, you have to manage how many should you post the reel. 3 times a week is already sufficient.

3. Use Hashtags Related to Your Content

Hashtags are important to make your post easier to discover. It’s like putting some pieces of stuff in a box. So whenever you want to find it, just go to the ‘box’ and you’ll find it.

It’s the simplest illustration to describe hashtags. In addition, you have to know the rule for using the hashtag. Again, you can’t do it randomly.

For one reel, it’s good if you use a maximum of 30 hashtags. Choose the hashtags that are related to the type of your content. It will make the Instagram algorithm to be able to understand in which topic your reel is and to find the right reach the right audience.

4. How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels: Watch Time

Watch time is an essential thing for the Instagram algorithm. It is about how long your audience will stay and watch your reels.

The more people spend a long time watching your reels, the more Instagram will promote them.

The best reels to make audiences stay a long time on your reels is by making Instagram reels with a duration above 15 seconds.

This will increase the probability of your reels going viral.

5. Add Engaging Call-To-Action

Most people have not understood yet the importance of CTA for content.

It is a kind of attractive word to persuade whoever sees your post. Therefore, you need to make a really great CTA that has big power to attract people.

You can put comment, line, save, or share as the options of your CTA.

But apart from that, the best CTA option is by mentioning or tagging your best friend. It will make the Instagram algorithm think you got a lot of comments. So, they’ll help to promote your reels.

6. Put A Bit of Suspense in Your Video

Don’t just focus on technical stuff in terms of posting Instagram reels. Now put more attention to the content of your video. In order to make it more interesting, adding some twists by putting on suspense is a good idea.

It is a clever way to keep your viewers watching your video while they wait to see what happens next. It’s going to give you more watch time. But something worth noting, is you need to bring the twist and not just fool them.

7. Avoid Watch Your Own Video With Your ID

Have you ever watched your own video after posting it to your account? People normally do this, but this is actually a common mistake that you should avoid.

If you watch your own reels, the Instagram algorithm will assume you have more viewers because you watched them yourself. Just leave it after you post it for 2-3 hours. Despite you still getting a low number of viewers, don’t give up and never delete your reels.

8. How To Get More Views on IG Reels: Follow The Trend

How To Get More Views on IG Reels
Source: Later

One of the effective ways to attract an audience is to follow the trend. For example, you can add trending music to your video. The algorithm will also place your video on trending feeds if it notices that it is engaging viewers.

It will make your video a lot easier to be noticed and discover. Besides, make content with trending topics as well. Your audience will relate to it and put their interest in your video.

9. Use Popular Audio Tracks in Your Reels 

Other than seeing the explore pages, you can always keep an eye on the popular audio tracks to get more viewers to your Instagram reels.

To find out the audio used in the Reels, you’ll need to do this easy 3-step guide

  • Open a video
  • Tap the bottom right box on your screen
  • Tap Save Audio so you can save it to create content later
    • or tap Use Audio to directly create a video with that audio

Using popular audio will increase your chance of your Instagram reel being viral. 

In this way, you’re making sure the Instagram algorithm chooses your content since you are using engaging and preferred audio by the users.


It is a little bit tricky to make engaging and attractive Instagram reels. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do.

Only if you are tenacious and consistent enough, you’ll get the best output.

So this is why it is important to learn how to get more views on Instagram reels if you tend to be a famous businessman or influencer.

Besides, it is also important to ensure that your Instagram live sessions are clean from copyrighted music to avoid from getting blocked. If you want to try using it without getting blocked, check our article here: How To Play Music On Instagram Live Without Getting Blocked.

Try it now and good luck!

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