How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram Legally

If you use Instagram and like adding music to your stories, videos, or live streams, you might face problems with copyright. To prevent being restricted, it’s vital to learn how to play music during an Instagram Live session without breaking copyright rules.

Instagram has recently made changes to its rules about copyright, especially related to using music in various features like videos, stories, live streams, and the regular feed. These updates are meant to remind users to respect copyright rules and be aware of the potential risks linked to their content on Instagram.

How To Play Music On Instagram Live Without Getting Blocked
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Though they have clearly declared the Instagram live copyright rules, many users still trying to use any music for the background video. Most people don’t seem to understand the rule yet and always try to get rid of copyright infringement. Therefore, we are going to give you little steps to avoid copyright infringement. Stay tuned!

How To Play Music On Instagram Live Without Getting Blocked

how to avoid copyright on instagram reels
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You must be careful when you decided to put music for your Instagram video background. It’s because you can come under suspicion of causing copyright infringement. Nonetheless, you can actually avoid this issue by doing these several tips.

  1. Try to use a non-copyrighted song. This is the safest and the easiest way to do it if you don’t want to cross the line. In addition to that, you can find a lot of great music in the public domain that is ready to use. Other than that, it’s actually free!
  2. Don’t try to use the copyrighted song. However, if you still want to use your favorite copyrighted song without getting blocked, you need to ask for permission from the artist. That said, it won’t be that simple.
  3. Ask permission from the artist to use their music or song. This is actually the most proper way to avoid copyright infringement. Once you’ve got permission from the artist, you can use their music for free anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can also monetize it if it’s possible.

If you can do one of those three steps, you’ll not be going to cross the line Instagram has warned you. Then, you’ll still be able to post your video with the best music background.

How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram

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Using copyrighted music on Instagram can be tricky, as the platform has strict guidelines in place to protect the rights of the original creators. Using copyright music on Instagram posts also has similar impact with using it on Instagram Live. However, there are still a few ways to legally use copyrighted music on Instagram:

  1. Give credit to the artist. If unable to contact the music creator, credit the artist in the Instagram caption. This may help in case of appeal to Instagram when warned. Remember, crediting the artist is not a substitute for obtaining proper licensing or permission to use copyrighted music.
  2. Collaborate with artists. Collaborating with musicians for licenses allows legal use of their music in Instagram videos. Discovering lesser-known local musicians on platforms such as Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp is a good way to find suitable music.
  3. Remix the song to give it an original touch. Remixing a song can help avoid copyright infringement by creating a new work, but consulting a legal professional or copyright expert is important to ensure it’s legal and that you have proper rights to use any samples or elements from the original copyrighted work before sharing publicly.


Now, you have known how to play music on Instagram live without getting blocked easily. You simply can avoid using copyrighted songs and choose otherwise instead. That will save you a lot. You could also try to persuade the artist to give you their permission for their song. But be prepared for the worst scenario!

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