Twitch Attire Policy Update (2024): Ban on Nudity Streams

Twitch, the renowned live streaming platform, recently introduced a comprehensive update to its Nudity and Attire Policy, aiming to enhance clarity and guidance for content creators. The platform’s revised guidelines emphasize a shift from garment-specific rules to a standard level of coverage to provide better understanding and expectations for attire during live streams.

Standard Guidelines

The new standard requires streamers to fully cover specific areas of their bodies. The guidelines strictly prohibit streamers from being fully or partially nude, even when covered or censored. Visible outlines of genitals, broadcasting nude or partially nude minors, and presenting as women require covering nipples, meeting a set standard for opacity.

For individuals identifying as women, Twitch requests the concealment of nipples and avoidance of underbust exposure. Cleavage remains unrestricted as long as the specified coverage criteria are adhered to, ensuring clarity that the streamer is clothed.

As for all streamers, it is mandatory to cover the region from the hips to the lower part of the pelvis and buttocks.

Situational Exceptions

Recognizing the diversity of content, Twitch acknowledges certain situations that may require attire outside the standard guidelines. However, these exceptions are subject to periodic updates based on community needs.

Augmented Reality Avatars

Twitch has clarified that its policy on Augmented Reality avatars specifically addresses content where cameras and software capture a person’s physical likeness and translate it into a digital overlay. While in-game virtual reality models are not directly subject to the Nudity and Attire Policy, they must comply with the policy on Nudity and Sexual Content in Embedded Media and Games.


Twitch Attire Policy update aims to create a secure environment for all users while offering clear guidelines for content creators regarding attire during live streams. With a commitment to prioritizing community feedback, the platform strives to refine its policies and maintain an inclusive and welcoming space for its diverse user base.

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