Best VoiceMeeter Banana Setup Tips & Trick

If you’re looking for complete control over the audio on your PC, then Voicemeeter Banana is the solution you’re looking for.

This advanced virtual audio mixing tool offers a wide range of features that allow you to separate audio sources and control each of them individually.

In today’s post, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks for setting up Voicemeeter Banana to optimize your audio on the livestream.

Setting up Voicemeeter Banana

voicemeeter banana setup
voicemeeter banana download

Setting up Voicemeeter Banana can be a bit tricky, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, Voicemeeter Banana only offers three physical inputs and two virtual inputs, which might limit your routing flexibility.

However, you can download VB-Cables from the Voicemeeter website for free, which will give you access to more virtual inputs and audio routing options.

Before you start tinkering with the settings, make sure you’ve gone through the initial Voicemeeter setup and have all your default devices set up and audio sources routed correctly.

Once you’re ready to start customizing your audio, there are a few settings you should pay attention to.

Customizing Your Audio

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voicemeeter download

To achieve the best possible sound, you’ll need to experiment with the noise gate, compression, and EQ filter.

Here are the detailed description of the three Voicemeeter Banana settings

  • Noise gate: Helps eliminate keyboard clicks and other unwanted noise by creating a “gate” at which audio will not be picked up unless it is above a certain loudness.
  • Compressor: Help make the quietest and loudest sounds more even with each other
  • Equalizer: Changes the sound and tone of your voice to make it richer or improve clarity.

If you want more control over the EQ, you can right-click the EQ tab to pull up the EQ sliders. Here are 3 things to note when changing your EQ:

  1. Increasing the bass frequencies (the most left) can add a pleasant and cozy quality to your voice, but it may also make it indistinct.
  2. Enhancing the middle frequencies can enhance the crispness and comprehensibility of your voice, encompassing the majority of your vocal range.
  3. Amplifying the treble frequencies (the most right) can bring out more definition in your voice, but it may also produce an unpleasantly sharp sound.

However, be careful not to make your voice sound unnatural by making too many modifications. A good rule of thumb is to be conservative with your adjustments, as less is often more.

Testing Your Audio

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how to use voicemeeter banana

To ensure that your audio is working correctly with Voicemeeter Banana, you can use the built-in virtual tape recorder to record an audio clip and test your audio sources.

You can apply filters such as a compressor or EQ and listen to your changes in real-time.

To use the virtual tape recorder, simply click on the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘VBAN Receptor.’

From there, select ‘Voicemeeter VAIO’ as the audio source, and click the ‘Start Recording’ button.

Now, you can play audio from your sources and make adjustments to your settings while monitoring the output in real-time.

Once you’ve finished testing your audio, click the ‘Stop Recording’ button to save the audio file to your computer.

You can then play back the recording to hear the changes you’ve made and fine-tune your settings until you’re satisfied with the sound.


To summarize, here are some key points to keep in mind when setting up and customizing Voicemeeter Banana:

  • Voicemeeter Banana offers three physical inputs and two virtual inputs, but you can download VB-Cables for free to access more virtual inputs and audio routing options.
  • Go through the initial Voicemeeter setup and make sure all your default devices are set up and audio sources are routed correctly.
  • Experiment with the noise gate, compression, and EQ features to achieve the best possible sound. Be conservative with your adjustments and avoid making your voice sound unnatural.
  • Use the virtual tape recorder to test your audio sources and listen to your changes in real-time.

By following these tips, you can take complete control over your PC’s audio and achieve the perfect sound for your needs with Voicemeeter Banana.

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