League of Legends New Champion

Riot Games introduces Nilah, the newest upcoming League of Legends new champion. Nilah is described as a monk who has powers with the water element. will bring a lot of excitement to the Rift.

Curious about how Nilah is like? Here’s everything we know so far!

League of Legends New Champion: Nilah

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“I’m Nilah from the 7th nirvana” as she introduced herself in today’s latest Riot teaser. This character was ridiculed when she was projected as a colorful foreigner from a faraway land on the Champion Roadmap last April.

Several leaks regarding Nilah began circulating in early June, but the official name and appearance of the new bot laner has not been confirmed as of today. This trailer also shows Nilah’s skills. Holding the colorful, flowing whip, Nilah seems to be able to dash towards her foe and smack her whip into the floor, leaving a trail of water behind.

Her other skills seem to provide his protection from automatic attacks while leaving him exposed to enemy ability damage. It also seems that these abilities and effects can be shared with the team champion Nilah.

For the Ultimate skill, Nilah creates a kind of vortex around her when she swings her whip and deals damage to enemies in the area. Within seconds of skill activation, Nilah is surrounded by hands, a characteristic that also appears in one of the teaser animations.

Dressed in a monk’s cloak, Nilah roams the corners of Runeterra to confront and destroy all kinds of evil that she thinks are rampant and too “comfortable” in the world. In addition, the nun seems to be borrowing the power of a demon she calls the “Lord of Water” to fight her enemy.

While most of Nilah’s abilities are shown in the first official trailer along with some details about her lore, League fans will be getting more official information in the coming weeks.

League of Legends recently released Bel’Veth, but Nilah is expected to arrive at the Rift at the end of the month for the excitement of the summer.

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