How To Make A League Of Legends Montage With Eklipse


A montage is a collection of various clips that you integrate into a whole video. In terms of gaming, montage can be understood as highlights as well, where you can capture the best moments from the streaming video or film, including in the League of Legends game. But do you know how to make a League of Legends montage?

Making a montage can be tricky for some people. This is because it requires creativity and skill in the editing process. This is how you can make an appealing montage game. However, you can make everything possible using Eklipse. With its AI, it can help you to make some changes to your montage easily and automatically.

Are you curious how Eklipse can help you regarding this issue? So, let’s just see the guidance below.

Preparation To Make Montage of League of Legends

Before we go further on making montages with the best video editor for League of Legends, you have to do a simple preparation. At least you need to have:

  • Internet connectionTwitch/Facebook/email account to register on Eklipse

Once you have them all, now you can move over to the tutorial to create a montage of League of Legends.

How To Make A League of Legends Montage

To produce a nice League of Legends montage, you need to compile several interesting clips from your streaming video. And to do so, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open and do a free sign up with your email, Twitch or Facebook account
  • Then, if you used to do live streaming, Eklipse will automatically load your previous streaming video
Source: Eklipse
  • You can choose a streaming video that you wish to make any highlights
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-708-1024x573.png
Source: Eklipse
  • Next, let Eklipse proceed with your streaming video and serve you with various highlight clips.
  • Pick the clips you want to make as a montage and bring it to the editing studio
  • Make some changes as you wish
  • You can compile any different clips into one video
  • Add a music background to make it more dramatic and able to build audience emotion
  • If you are already satisfied with the editing result, just hit Save or you can share it instantly to TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts


For those who are wondering how to make a league of legends montage, no worries because you can do it easily using our tool, Eklipse.

You can just follow the guide above, and in case you need more information about Eklipse, you can just find out through our previous article. One of the articles we are suggesting you to check out is: How To Make Video Montage: An Eklipse Guide. You will find a more general guide there.

Consider giving Eklipse a try for creating highlights. Try it by clicking the button below!

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