How to Stream Snipe in Warzone: 5 Things Streamers Need to be Careful

Deceitful behavior in virtual realms is just as dishonorable as it is in the tangible world. Lately, there has been a growing interest in the question of “how to stream snipe in Warzone”, a widely popular first-person shooter game.

Stream sniping itself is a term used to describe the act of watching other people’s gaming stream in order to gain an advantage over a competitive match.

This article aims to educate on the topic of stream sniping, not to incite it, but rather to discourage such actions; and also to help streamers more careful of the snipers most-basic method of sniping.

How To Stream Snipe in Warzone?

Call of duty warzone

It may be tricky and risky to stream snipping other players.

Especially when you are targeting famous and professional players. But if you are brave enough to do this, let’s begin the ‘tutorial’.

1. Be In The Same Game With The Target

First thing first, what you need to do is go to the same game and same field with your target. You should see in the same POV with the player you are aiming for.

2. How to Stream Snipe in Warzone: Prepare The Same Skill Rating

After going to the same game, make sure that you have the same skill rating. This is important to get the same match. Most of the banners are adept at the game they play.

3. Make Sure You Get In The Same Server

You need to guess where the banner you are targeting will be. It is because sometimes they are just delayed. If you get into the wrong server, you cannot meet the player you are targeting for.

4. Pay Attention to the Streaming Mode

Most online games have user-friendly mode as their feature, including Warzone. So, you have to take advantage of this. As a bander, you’ll be anonymized. That means, there will be no one cutting you off.

5. Follow The Banner Flows

If you are successful in stream snipping and you will do it to the same target, you just need to go to the same place on another day. Then, follow the flow. This may be the hardest part to stream snipe.

Though it looks easy for stream snipping, it is actually not. Besides, it is indeed not worth doing.

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How to Prevent Other People Stream Snipe

latency mode can prevent stream snipe in warzoine

There are several ways to prevent stream snipers.

One of the easiest methods to prevent stream snipers is by delaying your stream.

By doing that, the stream snipers will get a hard time catching you either in the matchmaking process or in the match itself since what they see on the stream is actually delayed.

We got a detailed guide article on how to prevent stream snipers that you check by clicking this link >> What is Stream Sniping? And 2 Easy Tips to Prevent Them

But, for the quick guide, you can follow these steps to delay your streams via Twitch

  1. Go to the Twitch
  2. Click the profile icon, choose Creator Dashboard on the top right
  3. Click Settings then Stream on your left-side menu
  4. Scroll down a bit you’ll see Latency Mode option
  5. Tick the Normal Latency option


Playing games is supposed to be a fun thing. It can refresh your mind.

But if you are still curious about how to stream snipe in Warzone to other players, you will get nothing more than more enemies.

It can bring discord between gamers. In the end, you are going to feel that playing game is not fun anymore. So, be a good boy and just be fair to others.

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