How to download a clip from Twitch

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You might come across a clip on Twitch that’s too good to miss. What do you do now? You download it! Though this is not the only reason why you should download your clips from Twitch. If you are a creator, you might want to download your best clips for safety reasons. Here, I will tell you how to download a clip from Twitch.

Due to recent DMCA takedown notices, the safety of your clips on Twitch is deeply compromised. Just because your clip is safe on Twitch right now, it doesn’t mean it will always be there. Therefore, you should download your valuable clips from Twitch as soon as possible. As a viewer, you might want to download clips you like because the streamer can decide to delete them.

Downloading the clip on your PC or any other device will ensure that the clip is safe.

How to download a clip from Twitch as a creator 

If you are a creator on Twitch and you have created the clip you want to download, you can simply go to the creator Dashboard and click the content drop-down menu. After that, select the “clips” option and choose the clips you wish to download to your device. To download the clips, click on the share icon. Now you can click on the downward pointing arrow labeled “download” to save the clip to your device.

How to download a clip from Twitch as a viewer

If the clip you wish to download does not belong to you, you’ll have to use external tools to save them to your device. Some good tools that you can use to download clips to your device are Internet download manager,, and the Twitch Clip Downloader extension that is available on Google Chrome.


So that’s how you can download a clip from Twitch.

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