How to Get Corrupted Silver New World


How to get Corrupted Silver New World? New World has a number of resources that players can find. One elusive resource is Corrupted Slivers. Here’s what you need to do in order for it to be more easily obtained from monsters or boxes!

New World is an exciting place, with a smorgasbord of resources to collect. Some are easy and accessible such as silver or hemp; however Corrupted Slivers can only be found by finishing Major Breaches (a type of Clash) in this game.

This is the only way for players to farm Corrupted Slivers. Whether you are a newbie or a level 25 player, simply follow this guide to farm it.

How to Get Corrupted Silver New World

corrupted silver new world
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Corrupted Slivers are used for crafting items on the stone cutting table. Combining them with other resources will create various Tuning Orbs which can then be exchanged at a nearby shop in exchange for new expeditions or powerful weapons!

Major Corrupted Breaches are much more challenging than their Minor counterparts. They’re also worth the effort, as a loot chest rewards players with Slivers every time they finish one! 

The first step to taking on one of these brutal battles? Finish off an Hourly Major Breach by finding it and getting together five friends or allies before heading into battle against corruption-fueled monsters who want nothing less than pure destruction for all those near them.

These breaches only occur once per hour and can be seen on the player’s map, but it’ll require five players for this challenge. However, Corrupted Breach is no match for a player who knows how to use their weapons and has chosen the right class build.

Closing Corrupted Breach

how to get corrupted silver in new world
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The only way to get Corrupted Slivers in New World is by closing Major Corrupted Breach portals. These sites are marked with a special sign and can be sealed using the Azoth Staff during an event, called “breach.” 

Acolytes continue attacking players until they’re stopped by ending this particular type of breach–it’s important for everyone who enters their world never to forget about these outposts!

Corrupted Slivers are not in every Major Breach Cache, only those specific ones. Minor Corrupted Breaches can be dealt with easily but since they have a higher difficulty it’s best to take them on when you’re backed by friends.

The recommended party size for a Major Corrupted Breach is five players, which gives you an idea of how difficult these breaches can be. When in doubt: more people equal easier missions!

Corrupted Slivers can be used to craft new resources and items, as well as access a tuning orb that will grant players the opportunity for expeditions. 

Corrupted Sliver are items that can be combined to create Corrupted Fragments and Shards. When used, these materials will help you unlock high-level tuning orbs for your expeditions or even more time outside of the game!

So, that’s about how to get corrupted silver New World easily. Stay tuned for more articles regarding New World tips and tricks!

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