How to Heal in Overwatch 2

To be able to keep your heroes alive during the battles, you must know how to heal in Overwatch 2. Some heroes have abilities to help their healing. However, there are still many ways to heal the Overwatch 2 characters.

You can use the spawn room, health packs, or the attacking team’s payload to heal your heroes. Each hero has their own way to heal. Therefore, you need to know about different ways characters can heal. 

Our article will give you a guide to healing every in-game character. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

How to Heal in Overwatch 2

Heal in Overwatch 2
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The healing abilities are basically the same as in the original Overwatch. However, there are a few changes to how the abilities work, such as the changes on Overwatch 2’s Mercy.

Additionally, you can find some Support characters in this game who are more focused on healing. They are not only capable on regenerate their health, but their armor and shields as well. The following list will help you understand how Overwatch 2 characters can heal themselves along with their allies.

  • Ana: Biotic Grenade and Biotic Rifle can regenerate allies’ health and boost their sources of healing.
  • Baptiste: Capable to heal allies using Biotic Launcher’s alternate fire. Other than that, he also has Regenerative Burst to heal surrounding allies, and his Immortality Field can boost up the HP under 10%.
  • Brigitte: Heals the allies nearby using Repair Packs
  • Lucio: You can toggle the crossfade to boost healing to heal teammates.
  • Moira: Her Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orb. Coalescence can help you to heal allies.
  • Mercy: Can heal the teammates using Caduceus Staff in her line of sight. Additionally, she can increase her healing capability during her Valkyrie ultimate.
  • Soldier: Heals the ally with 76-Biotic Field.
  • Zenyatta: Heals targeted ally using her Orb of Harmony and Transcendence.

Heroes With Self-Healing Abilities

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In addition to heroes that are capable to heal their allies, some heroes have self-healing abilities. It means that this ability can be activated only for themselves.

  • Bastion: Has Self-Repair ability to heal him while held down.
  • Mei: Can heal herself during its duration with her Cryo-Freeze.
  • Mercy: While she’s avoiding damage, she can heal herself with passive Regeneration ability.
  • Moira: Can do self-healing using her Biotic Grasp’s secondary fire and Coalescence. This ability works while she damages the enemies.
  • Reaper: Healed up to 35% of damage dealt using The Reaping.
  • Roadhog: The Breather can heal him instantly.
  • Tracer: Recall heals any damage taken in the last 3 seconds.


So that’s all about How to Heal in Overwatch 2. Every hero has their own ability to heal themselves or their allies. It’s worth noting that the list above doesn’t include all heroes in Overwatch 2 since there are still some new characters coming whose abilities have not been announced yet. Other than that, remember about the MIT term in Overwatch 2, just in case you want to be a real champion here.

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