How To Level Up In Elden Ring

If you regularly play this game, you will find more tough challenges ahead. And to be able to pass the challenges and become the best player, you need to know how to level up in Elden Ring.

To upgrade your character to the next level, you need to do certain things to unlock several abilities to upgrade your character to the next level. Additionally, this article is going to give you a guide on how to do it. So, just let’s dive right in.

How To Level Up in Elden Ring

How To Level Up In Elden Ring
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To level up your character in Elden Ring, the first thing you need to do is trigger a visit from the NPC Melina. While you’re resting at Gatefront or Agheel Lake North in central Limgrave, Site of Grace. Melina will be visiting you and offers to be your maiden.

Furthermore, if you are going to level up your character, you have to accept Melina’s offer. This acceptance will unlock your ability to summon your horse, Torrent. However, if you somehow refused her offer, do not worry. You won’t lose the chance to level up in Elden Ring this way.

You can trigger the conversation with Melina again by going to a Site of Grace. Once you accepted Melina’s offer, you can select the Level Up option. Additionally, in order to increase the level and stats of your character, you will need to spend Runes. Runes are the currency you’ll get after you successfully kill enemies.

The higher level and stats you try to obtain, the more amount of Runes you will need. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have enough amount of Runes to spend before starting to increase your character’s level.

Elden Ring Level Up Stats

Elden Ring Level Up Stats
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There are 8 stats you have to level up in Elden Ring. But since you can’t increase the level of all stats simultaneously, you need to prioritise some of them. Through this section, you’ll know which of your stats to be prioritized.

  • Endurance – Endurance is the most important stat to level up due to its capability to increase stamina. Additionally, stamina is required to attack, dodge, run, block, or survive during the fights.
  • Vigor – This is important to increase your maximum health. In battle, you will need two punches to die, instead of just a single hit.
  • Dexterity and Strenght – You’ll need these stats to handle most weapons. By increasing the level of Dexterity, you’ll be able to scale up the damage you deal with the weapons.
  • Intelligence and Faith – Spells are the thing that is more powerful than just a usual power in Elden Ring. If you increase your level of Intelligence and Faith, you’ll probably become quite unbearable.
  • Mind – it’d be better to increase the Mind stat of your first few dozen levels to improve your maximum FP. However, you can also leave it if you want unless you are dedicating yourself to a spellcaster setup.
  • Arcane – Despite it ain’t worth prioritising, however, you will need to level up this stat to improve your item discovery. This means that you are going to have more chances to find items by looting corpses.

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That’s all about how to level up in Elden Ring. Now, as your character has a higher level of its stats, you can easily face any challenges or enemies that may stop you to attain your goal. Good luck!

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