MW2 Twitch Drops: How to Claim the Free Rewards

mw2 twitch drops
Source: PC Gamer

Activision has granted some rewards for players who participated in the Modern Warfare 2 beta version last September. And this month, they have come back with other freebies and MW2 Twitch Drops for all of their fans during launch week. What a surprise!

The players will soon get the opportunity to watch Modern Warfare 2 streams on Twitch and get rewarded. Here’s the guide to getting the Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops and claiming the free rewards.

How to Claim MW 2 Twitch Drops Rewards

MW 2 Twitch Drops

In order to earn the Twitch free rewards, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • First, create your Call of Duty account or log in to an existing one.
  • Second, make sure you already have a Twitch Prime account.
  • If you’ve got those accounts, connect them up by heading to the linking webpage and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Then, go to Twitch and watch any streamers play Modern Warfare 2 with Drops activated.
  • Stay in the stream for a certain amount of time to get the Twitch Drops
  • Finally, log into Modern Warfare 2 and collect your rewards.

One thing you should note is that MW 2 Twitch Drops rewards will be only accessible between October 28 (the exact time when MW 2 is released) and November 6, 2022. So, it’s best to set a reminder if you don’t want to miss this. In addition, you can also use the rewards in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

MW 2 Twitch Drops Rewards

In terms of the rewards, there will be four sets of freebies you can get by watching any MW2 Twitch streams. Here’s the breakdown.

  • 15 minutes watching: 141 Weapon Charm
  • 30 minutes watching: Death’s Angel Calling Card and Emblem
  • 45 minutes watching: Something In My Teeth Weapon Sticker
  • 60 minutes watching: Watchdog 141 Weapon Blueprint

So, are you ready to spend your time enjoying streams and getting some cool stuff?


That’s the guide to unlocking MW2 Twitch drops free rewards. You can now see what your reward will look like so that you know what to expect.