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A highlight recorder is an essential tool for game streamers and content creators who want to showcase the best moments from their streams. With the growing popularity of gaming and content creation, finding the right highlight recorder is more important than ever.

In this article, we’ll provide a list of the best highlight recording software options available, including their key features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly solution or a more advanced and feature-packed option, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to help you find the right highlight recorder software that fits your needs, budget, and level of expertise.

So, if you’re looking to take your content creation to the next level, read on to discover the best software options for recording and sharing your gaming highlights.

What is a game highlight recorder?

As the name suggests, a game highlight recorder is basically software that allows you to conveniently generate highlight clips of your gaming moments. A highlight recorder will record your gaming clips when you are streaming.

Top 3 Best video game highlight recorder

Here are some of the best video game highlight recorders in the market that you need to try for your live broadcasts:

1. Eklipse


Eklipse is an AI-powered highlight generator app that automatically records highlights of your gaming streams. All you have to do is connect Eklipse with your Twitch or Facebook gaming account and you’re all set! Eklipse’s advanced AI will automatically capture your epic gaming moments in high-quality video clips.

You can select those clips anytime and upload them. Furthermore, Eklipse also allows you to edit your clips thanks to its advanced editing features. You can trim your video, add text to it, and sprinkle some smooth transitions on top.

2. Clip It

Clip It is an AI-based software that is available for the Windows platform. It makes it easy for you to record clips of your most epic gaming moments during live streams. With those clips, you can either create a montage or upload them to your social media platforms with a bit of editing.

You can connect Clip It to your OBS account as the two work side by side. Clip It communicates with OBS and tells it when it needs to record the clip. The AI detects the epic moments in your gaming streams and automatically starts recording them. These clips are then saved and you can access them anytime you want.

3. Wundereel

Wundereel is another convenient highlight recorder for your gaming streams. With Wundereel, you can have edited clips of your gaming moments. However, there are some cons to using Wundereel. First, it’s not automated, you have to send your gaming footage to Wundereel and they return video clips of your gaming moments.

This process takes a while and if you are a busy gamer who needs to upload as soon as possible, Wundereel won’t be the right choice for you. While you can definitely use Wundereel for your gaming videos, this software is not specially designed for game highlights.

4. Medal.tv

Medal.tv is a powerful highlight recorder software that is specifically designed for game streamers and content creators. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Medal.tv makes it easy to create and share your best gaming moments with the world.

Some of the key features and benefits of Medal.tv include its ability to automatically record and save your highlights, its built-in video editor for trimming and customizing your highlights, and its integration with popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

With Medal.tv, you can easily capture, edit, and share your highlights with just a few clicks, making it a must-have tool for anyone looking to take their content creation to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, Medal.tv is an affordable and versatile highlight recorder software option that is sure to meet your needs.

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5. Gazoom

Gazoom is a highlight recorder software designed for game streamers and content creators. With its advanced features and ease of use, this software makes it simple to create and share your best gaming moments with the world.

Some of the key features and benefits of Gazoom include its real-time highlight detection, which automatically captures and saves your best moments, its robust video editor for customizing and enhancing your highlights, and its seamless integration with popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

This software makes it easy to create professional-quality highlights in just a few minutes, and share them with your viewers and followers. If you’re looking for versatile and feature-rich highlight recorder software, Gazoom is the perfect choice for you.


So these were some of the best tools for recording your game highlights. Confused as to which one you should choose? Simply choose the one that’s convenient for you. For instance, with Eklipse, you get way more features than you get from other game highlight recorder.

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