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When it comes to short form videos, TikTok is all the rage. But if you’ve ever tried to download a video from TikTok, you will have no doubt noticed the pesky TikTok watermark. Here are the best TikTok video converters which you can use to download TikTok videos without a watermark!

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Why do you need a TikTok Video Converter?

TikTok chooses to add their watermark to videos uploaded on the platform, for branding and visibility. However, this watermark can become an issue if you’re downloading a video from TikTok to upload to other platforms such as Instagram Reels.

Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok, and they don’t really look kindly upon videos shared from TikTok. In fact, odds are that if you upload a TikTok video with a watermark to Reels, Instagram will limit your reach! Now, who wants their reach limited? Who wants to lose out on potential followers and going viral on other platforms? Not us! Read on and see how you can use TikTok converters to your advantage!

5 Best TikTok Video Converters

1. SSSTikTok

First up on our list is SSSTikTok which is a handy online converter, featuring both a web and app version. With free unlimited downloads, without a watermark, SSSTikTok is our top pick for downloading your TikTok videos! Just paste the link to your desired TikTok video in the URL box, and the converter does the rest!

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2. LoveTick

Next up on our list is LoveTick which is another free to use online TikTok downloader. With unlimited downloads available to every user, and usable on iOS, Android and PC, this is another great free option! LoveTick supports MP4 video formats, with original quality maintained throughout the conversion process. However, you can only use LoveTick for TikTok videos; no other URL will work.


We would be remiss to not mention Eklipse as another great tool to download TikTok videos online! Eklipse is an A.I tool that can be especially beneficial to streamers looking to download clips from TikTok. Simply paste a TikTok video link in the URL box, and Eklipse will automatically extract and download the best moments of the video! If you’re new to TikTok, Eklipse has some tricks that can help you on your way to fame.

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4. TikTokDownloader

Fourth on our list is TikTokDownloader, and the name tells you all you need to know! When you open the website, the first thing to greet you is a URL box with the words;

“With TikTok Video Downloader you can download all TikTok videos to your smartphone or computer for free without having to install any software.”

Well there you have it, simply paste your TikTok link in the URL box and hit the Check Video button. You’ll soon see a Download button appear which will then get you your watermark-free video!

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5. Online Video Converter Pro

Last on our list, is Online Video Converter Pro. This web based app is a simple yet powerful tool to help you save TikTok videos to MP4 or even MP3 audio clips if you want!


In conclusion, TikTok videos can be saved to your device, but they will always carry a watermark. The only way to download or save TikTok videos without a watermark, is to use one of these 5 online video converters!

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