How to Sync Videos on TikTok

Ever wondered how to sync videos on TikTok? Then, you are reading the right article. As we know that a big TikTok trend involves using a viral sound or piece of music, which is popular at the time, to add to your video.

With the Sound Sync feature, you can take multiple videos or images from your pre-existing stockpile and choose a viral sound and with only a few clicks. Then, the app will transform them into a complete video with auto-synced music!

Today’s handy guide aims to explain you how to sync videos to viral sounds or music on TikTok. One quick note, with each viral piece of audio, you will require a certain minimum length of video. Let’s begin!

How to Sync Videos on TikTok: A Guide

The first option users have is the ‘Sound Sync‘ function, which is to sync their video with audio that currently exists on TikTok. Afterward, you can follow the steps below.

  • To begin with, launch the TikTok App on your phone.
  • Then, find a video which is participating in a trend or using a particular sound that you want in your video.
  • Tap the sound at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the ‘Use this sound‘ option
how to sync photos with music on tiktok
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  • Next up, tap the Upload button and select the videos you want to appear in the montage.
How to Sync Videos on TikTok
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  • Moreover, the app will inform you of the correct number of videos required.
  • Once you’ve selected the your videos, tap Next.
  • Then, tap on Adjust Clip on the right of the video.
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  • After that, make sure you’ve selected the ‘Sound Sync’ option
Source: Alphr
  • Furthermore, press Next. You can now make additional edits to your montage, like text or filters.
  • Once done, tap Next again to go to the ‘Post’ screen, where you can upload your video!

How to Fix TikTok Audio and Video Out of Sync

In case you face some issues while syncing TikTok video to audio, you can get rid of them by doing these things.

  • Relaunch the app – Relaunching the app will allow TikTok to remove errors and reload TikTok resources.
  • Clear the app cache – Too many caches can cause crash or lag. So, this route is worth trying.
  • Restart your phone – Restarting the device can help you fix any temporary issues, glitches, and bugs.
  • Update or Reinstall Tik Tok – Errors may happen because some files got corrupted while installing, or they could be missing as well. 
  • Check TikTok App Permission – Make sure you already confirm any specific permissions on TikTok to ensure it runs as intended.
  • Force stop the TikTok app – Stopping your TikTok forcefully will help the app fix any bugs or issues. 


To sum it up, TikTok has brought many innovative features to the short-form video market. This particular feature and knowing how to sync videos on TikTok gives you the opportunity to be part of leading trends, leading to a sense of belonging and continuity.

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