Can you Play Spotify on Twitch? Here Are 3 Quick Answers to It!


Playing music on your Twitch stream can be one of the ways to make your stream engaging and fun to watch for the audience. If you just start streaming now and then, you might be asking, can you play Spotify on Twitch?

Check out Eklipse’s blog take on this, including some tips to play music on your stream!

Can I Play Spotify Music on Twitch?

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The short answer to that question is no. Why? Because technically, Spotify music is licensed for personal use. So, streaming it out to the community breaks their terms and conditions. Also, it can be considered breaking the law as well.

The law that stops you from playing Spotify music on Twitch is the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). The law protects music artists while allowing them to identify the unfair use of their content.

In recent years, Twitch is actively giving attention to copyright laws, since the platform has become more and more popular. So, if you are looking to set the mood for your audiences with music, you need to mindfully choose the song you play.

What Happens If you Insist Using Spotify Music on Twitch?

Playing spotify on twitch can get your VOD muted

There are some consequences if you try to test your limit, and keep mindlessly playing music on your Twitch stream. For more detailed sanctions on this, here’s the quote from Twitch music guidelines on this topic.

“For certain egregious uses of these rights holders’ copyrighted works, Twitch will issue a warning to creators for their first offense, and issue penalties for subsequent offenses. Twitch may also suspend livestreams and/or delete recorded videos that include copyrighted music in a prohibited way

So you need to be extra careful if you decide to play music on your stream. But actually, you don’t need to worry about this, there are some solutions that you can do if you want to play music on Twitch.

Some Alternative to Play Music on Your Stream

NCS music can be alternative to playing spotify on twitch

While playing Spotify music can get copyright strike to your stream, you can still play music for your audiences. 

One of the alternatives is NCS music or NoCopyright Sound. As the names say, NCS has a library of free copyrighted music. Most of them is electronic music, that can live your stream up.

Twitch music guidelines also stated that there are three kinds of music that can be played on your stream. Here’s the explanation on it quoted from their official guidelines

  1. Music owned by youOriginal music which was written by you and either recorded or performed live by you, and for which you own or control all rights necessary to share the music on Twitch, including the rights to the recording, performance, and underlying music and lyrics.
  2. Music licensed to youCopyrighted music owned in whole or in part by someone other than you, if you have secured a license to share it on Twitch from all of the relevant copyright holder(s).
  3. Music streamed using Soundtrack by Twitch

The safest choice from these 3 options is definitely Soundtrack by Twitch, since it’s an official music choice that is copyright-free from Twitch.

Another Tip, To Grow your Channel other than Playing Music on Twitch Stream

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After all, playing music on your Twitch stream can be a headache since it will arise some issues. Though you are using NCS, the DMCA law sometimes still strikes your stream or your content if you are unlucky enough. So, make sure to keep checking the Twitch ToS (Terms of Service).

Hope these explanations can help answer your question about playing Spotify music on Twitch. Check out our other blog posts for more tips on streaming on Twitch. Don’t forget to and share this post on your socials if you found this helping you!