How Much Does Twitch Take From Donations?

If you’re a content creator on Twitch, you’re likely familiar with the concept of donations. After all, it’s one of the most common ways viewers can support their favorite streamers. However, have you ever wondered how much of that money actually goes to the creator? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the question of how much Twitch takes from donations, and explore the various factors that can affect the answer.

So if you’re a streamer looking to understand the financial side of your platform, or simply curious about how Twitch operates, read on!

How Much Does Twitch Take From Donations in 2023?

There are several ways for Twitch streamers to generate money, but Twitch does not profit from all of them. Let me explain how Twitch streamers make money.

  • Subscriptions
  • Bits
  • Advertisers Ads
  • PayPal Donations
  • Selling Games and Products

These are the most common ways for Twitch broadcasters to earn money, while they may also post their Twitch Store Past broadcasts on YouTube. However, as previously stated, Twitch does not profit from all of them.

Does PayPal Take Money From Twitch Donations?

So basically, when someone donates to you on Twitch through PayPal, they take a fee for each transaction. Right now, it’s a flat $0.49 fee plus 2.89% of the donation. That means if you get a $1 donation, you’ll only get $0.48 after PayPal takes its cut. If someone donates $100, you’ll get $96.62. So just keep in mind that PayPal is taking some of your donations, not Twitch.

how much does streamlabs take from donations
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A lot of streamers use PayPal because it’s safe and easy to use with things like Streamlabs. But I’ve also seen some streamers put their Cash App or Venmo in their Twitch panels for donations. It really depends on what you and your viewers are most comfortable with.

Does Twitch Take a Cut of Donations?

If viewers pay to their favorite twitch creator using PayPal, the entire amount is deposited into the streamer’s account.

Twitch has nothing to do with money provided via PayPal or other wallets.

PayPal will impose a small recurring fee depending on how the payment is made.

As a result, any donations made by a third party, even if made via Stream Labs, will be cut for free.

How Do Streamers Take Donations From PayPal?

There is no direct option, as there is on Twitch, where viewers may pay using PayPal.

Streamers disclose their PayPal email addresses or links in order to solicit donations from viewers.

Let me inform you that the majority of donations come from PayPal now that many viewers are aware of the Twitch cut.

How Much Does Twitch Take From Ads, Subs, and Bits?

how much does twitch take from bits
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Twitch makes money via advertisements, bits, and subscriptions.

Twitch has now incorporated Bits, or twitch money, via which viewers may purchase and give to streams in order to receive a percentage of contributions.

You may begin earning money after you become a Twitch affiliate. Let me explain it to you in more detail.

SourceTwitch Takes
Subscribers50% to 70%
Bitsaround 28% 
Adsnot confirmed, maybe $0.25 per 1000 views
Third-party wallet donation0

would you like to know more about Twitch Bits and how much they’re worth for donations? No problem, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide here. Feel free to take a closer look at it: How Much Are Bits on Twitch? Quick Guide to the Donation System.

How To Set Up Donations On Twitch

If you want to accept donations on Twitch, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect your Twitch account to Streamlabs.
  2. Go to the Dashboard in the bottom left.
  3. Click on Account > Settings > Donation Settings.
  4. Choose the payment system you want to use, like PayPal.
  5. Link the payment system with your Streamlabs account and share the link in your Twitch panels.

In case you want to know other methods to set up the Donation button on your Twitch channel, you can simply head over to our article here, and get more information about setting up the donation button for Bits, cryptocurrency, etc. Here we go: How to Set Up a Donate Button Twitch in 5 Ways.


A creator on any platform, not only Twitch, must be knowledgeable of practically everything connected to engaging the audience and determining the greatest source of money.

This will undoubtedly assist you in earning the maximum amount, and ideally, you are aware of how much twitch takes from contributions.

Again, there is no cut on donations received through third-party merchants such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Stream Labs. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this issue or Twitch.

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