How to Set Up a Donate Button Twitch in 5 Ways

The are some ways to make money on Twitch. Aside from becoming a Twitch affiliate and partner, you can also earn pennies from Twitch donations. By knowing how to set up a donate button Twitch, you’ll be able to ask viewers to donate to your channel later.

Additionally, streamers can receive donation through various methods, including Twitch Bits, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, Streamlabs, and more.

Now that you are concerned about it, let’s just break down how each method works and see which one is the most convenient for you.

Method 1: How to Set Up A Donate Button Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits is basically Twitch’s official donation system that is commonly used for donations. It’s worth noting that Twitch Bits is only available for Twitch Affiliates and Partners. Additionally, every 100 bits is worth $1. So if you receive 10,000 bits, just multiply it by 100. Here’s how to activate this feature.

  • Star over by heading to Twitch and logging in to your account.
  • Then, navigate to the Profile icon > go to Creator Dashboard > hit Partner Settings.
How to Set Up A Donate Button Twitch Bits
Source: Wikihow
  • After that, hit the Bits & Cheering option and set the minimum bits to cheer, and minimum bits emote.
Source: Reddit
  • Voila! Now, your viewers can type ‘cheer’ and the number of bits they are going to use. For example, cheer5 would use five bits, and cheer500 would use 500.

Method 2: How to Set Up Donations on Twitch with PayPal

Alternatively, Twitch also enables streamers to use Paypal to receive some donations from the viewers. It’s actually the easiest way. A streamer can ask for a donation directly through the email address associated with your PayPal account or the link. Follow these instructions to get it done.

  • First, make your PayPal link, by heading to PayPal.Me website.
  • Second, hit Create Your PayPal.Me Link option.
  • Then, sign in to your PayPal account when prompted.
  • Click the Get Started button.
How to Set Up Donations on Twitch with PayPal
Source: ComputerHope
  • In the next section, you may choose a photo, but we recommend clicking the Not Now option.
  • After that, you can create your link name. Remember, once you’ve set the URL, it will last forever.
Doc. ComputerHope
  • Then, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Hit the Agree and Create button.
  • Once you’ve set up the PayPay link, now go to Twitch and log in to your account.
  • Next, click the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Channel option.
Source: HowToGeek
  • After that, navigate to the About tab.
  • Find the Edit Panels option and toggle it on.
Doc. How To Geek
  • Then, scroll down and click on the large box with a ‘plus’ sign in it, and hit the Add a Text or Image Panel button.
  • In the next section, add the title, link, image, and description, then hit Submit button.
Source: How to Geek
  • Finally, now you can post and mention your PayPal link address on chat while streaming to open a donation.

Method 3: How to Set Up Twitch Donation Button Using Cryptocurrencies

How to Set Up Twitch Donation Button Using Cryptocurrencies
Source: CoinGate

You can certainly get Twitch donations without PayPal. Using cryptocurrency is actually acceptable. And if you want to earn donations using cryptocurrencies, you can follow the guide below.

  • To begin with, open up the chosen cryptocurrency’s wallet app. You can also use Bitpay, a popular wallet app on Twitch.
  • After that, hit the Receive button or link.
  • There will be a single line of seemingly random numbers and letters. Please take note since it’s your wallet’s address.
  • Then, tap the address to copy it to your device’s clipboard.
  • Create the donation section on your Twitch profile as you created the PayPal ones.
  • Paste the wallet address into the description field and make sure to mention what cryptocurrency the wallet address is for.
  • Finally, your viewers can now give their donations using cryptocurrencies for you.

Method 4: How to Set Up Donations on Twitch (Streamlabs)

In addition to PayPal and cryptocurrencies, Twitch also lets you get donation from Streamlabs. It can be done by connecting your Twitch account to Streamlabs. Compared to the other methods, this is much easier, especially for beginners. Here’s how to use it.

  • Go to your Streamlabs Dashboard, and navigate to Donation Settings.
  • Then, click on the PayPal icon to connect your PayPal account to Streamlabs (or other payment methods).
How to Set Up Donations on Twitch (Streamlabs)
Source: Streamlabs
  • From the Donation Settings, head to Settings and select your currency.
  • Other than that, you need to set the minimum/maximum donation limits as well. We recommend you set the minimum donation to $5.
  • After that, hit Save Settings at the bottom of the page to save the changes.
Doc. Tech Wiser
  • The Settings page will display your donation page website address, then copy them.
  • Lastly, paste the link to the donation section on your Twitch Channel page.

Method 5: How to Set Up Donate Button on Twitch Using Brave Browser

Source: Nesabamedia

The last method you can try to set up a donation button is by using the Brave Browser. Unlike the other methods, Brave enables Twitch users to donate directly from wallet to wallet. So, you don’t need to set up a separate process.

It basically works similarly to cryptocurrency, where you will earn money in the form of a Basic Attention Token (BAT). Don’t worry about being scammed since BAT runs on the Ethereum blockchain, making it secure and private.


Those are some methods you can try on how to set up a donate button Twitch. Now, you can get more money from the donations. However, keep in mind that before you ask for a donation from your viewers, make sure you have created excellent content for them. So that they have reasons to support you with the donation. Good luck!

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