Streamlabs vs StreamElements – Which One is Best in 2024: Comparison Guide

The streaming software market is flooded with options, with almost all software supporting streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or even Kick.

Among the popular choices, Streamlabs has long been recommended for amateur streamers. However, StreamElements is gaining momentum and attracting many users.

So, which software should you choose? Let’s compare StreamElements and Streamlabs to determine which one is better in 2024.

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StreamLabs vs StreamElements: Definitions

StreamLabs and StreamElements are two popular tools that help live streamers and game enthusiasts to create engaging and professional-looking streams. They both offer features such as chatbots, alerts, overlays, widgets, donations, and more. However, there is a significant difference between StreamLabs and StreamElements that you should know before choosing one of them.

StreamLabs is a standalone software that you need to download and install on your computer. It is based on OBS Studio, the original broadcasting software, but with a more user-friendly interface and additional features.

Meanwhile StreamElements is a cloud-based tool that integrates with OBS Studio through a plugin called You don’t need to download anything, but you need to have OBS Studio installed on your computer. StreamElements lets you create your stream with online overlays and widgets that you can add as browser sources in OBS Studio.

To answer the question: Does StreamElements work with Streamlabs?

No. StreamElements and Streamlabs are two different streaming solutions that offer different features and methods for live streaming.

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Streamlabs vs StreamElements: A Comparison

AlertsWide range of customizable notifications and mediaWide range of customizable notifications and media
DonationsMore payment options (PayPal, unitpay, credit cards)Limited to PayPal and cards
ChatbotModeration, interactive features, loyalty pointsModeration, interactive features
Appstore (Exclusive to Streamlabs)Additional customization optionsN/A
Compatibility for Console StreamersLimited functionality without a PCFull functionality without a PC

Let’s compare Streamlabs vs StreamElements 2023 side by side to determine which one is the better choice.

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1. Alerts

Streamlabs vs StreamElements reddit
Alerts: Streamlabs vs StreamElements

Both Streamlabs and StreamElements offer a wide range of notifications, animations, GIFs, and sounds to enhance the streaming experience.

Customizing alerts is easy for both software, and they provide options to share media along with the alerts, such as videos or songs.

Whether you choose Streamlabs or StreamElements, you can expect countless customization options for creating impressive alerts.

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2. Donations:

Streamlabs vs StreamElements donations
Streamlabs vs StreamElements donations

If you’re looking to generate income through your streams, both Streamlabs and StreamElements offer donation capabilities.

However, there are differences in how they handle donations. Streamlabs provides more payment options, including PayPal, unitpay, credit cards, and skrill.

On the other hand, StreamElements limits donations to PayPal and cards.

Some streamers prefer StreamElements for the perceived safety of these payment services, while others appreciate the versatility offered by Streamlabs.

It’s worth noting that both platforms ensure streamers receive the full donation amount and allow for personalized messages or images to be sent to viewers who donate.

3. Chatbot

Streamlabs or StreamElements 2022
Streamlabs vs StreamElements Chatbot

The chatbot is an essential component for streamers, and both Streamlabs and StreamElements offer similar chatbot features.

Both platforms provide chat moderation to handle rude viewers and spam messages, as well as answer some common questions.

Additionally, they offer interactive features like polls, mini-games, and song requests. Streamlabs stands out with its loyalty points system, allowing streamers to reward their regular viewers and foster viewer loyalty.

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4. Appstore (Exclusive to Streamlabs):

Streamlabs Appstore
Streamlabs Appstore

Streamlabs offers an Appstore feature that allows users to enhance their streams further.

While these apps may come with a price tag, they provide additional customization options. However, many streamers do not find this feature essential, and its absence in StreamElements does not significantly impact the overall streaming experience.

5. StreamElements vs Streamlabs for Console Streamers:

Streamlabs vs StreamElements vs OBS
Streamlabs vs StreamElements – Which one is the best for console streamer?

If you’re a console streamer looking for software compatibility across multiple devices, StreamElements is the preferred choice.

StreamElements’ chatbots are hosted by servers, eliminating the need for a PC while streaming from consoles. This feature enables console streamers to moderate their chat effectively without additional hardware requirements.

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Streamlabs: The Dominating Streaming Software

Streamlabs Icon – Why Streamlabs is better?

Streamlabs entered the market in 2014, developed by Logitech, and quickly became the go-to streaming software for both amateurs and professionals.

It not only supports Twitch streaming but also extends its compatibility to Facebook Gaming and Mixer.

One of the key reasons for Streamlabs’ popularity is its user-friendly interface.

Amateurs appreciate how easy it is to use, allowing them to create professional-looking streams without requiring prior knowledge or technical skills.

On the other hand, professional streamers value the wide range of features it offers. Streamlabs provides various tools to simplify the editing process, such as selective recording to remove unwanted background noise from streams.

Additionally, it introduced the Twitch bot, enabling streamers to interact with their audience, reward viewers, prevent spam messages, and set timers.

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1. Advantages of Streamlabs:

  • Themes and Templates: Streamlabs offers a wide range of themes and templates to enhance the aesthetics and entertainment value of your streams.
  • Payment Options: It provides more payment options for viewer donations, giving your audience flexibility in supporting your content.
  • Custom Messages and Loyalty Points: Streamlabs allows viewers to receive personalized messages and earn loyalty points, fostering viewer engagement and appreciation.
  • Interactive Chatbot: In addition to chat moderation, Streamlabs incorporates interactive games into the chat, offering entertaining interactions between streamers and viewers.

2. Disadvantages of Streamlabs:

Unfortunately, Streamlabs has high CPU usage, making it incompatible with some computers. Streamers may need to explore alternative platforms if their system cannot handle StreamLabs OBS.

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StreamElements: The Feature-Rich Option

StreamElements Icon

StreamElements, also known as, was launched in 2016, just two years after Streamlabs.

It functions as a plugin for OBS, one of the most popular streaming software. StreamElements brings together the best features and tools for streaming, providing users with a comprehensive platform.

While StreamElements offers powerful features, it is important to note that it has a steeper learning curve compared to Streamlabs.

Due to a smaller user base, troubleshooting can be more challenging, leaving beginners to find solutions on their own.

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1. Advantages of StreamElements:

  • Plugin and Layout Support: StreamElements supports a wide range of plugins and customizable layouts, allowing streamers to showcase their creativity.
  • Free Templates: All StreamElements templates are free, reducing the financial burden of enhancing your streams.
  • Personalized Donations: Viewers can donate through personalized links, receiving a custom message for their contribution.

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2. Disadvantages of StreamElements:

  • Limited Payment Options: StreamElements offers fewer payment options for donations compared to Streamlabs.
  • Smaller User Base: StreamElements has fewer users than Streamlabs, which can make finding help or support more challenging for beginners.

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Conclusion: What is better StreamElements or Streamlabs?

Streamlabs and Streamelements have different methods for live streaming. Streamlabs has its own streaming software, which is easy to use. Streamelements, on the other hand, provides online overlays and widgets, which require a plugin to work with OBS Studio.

In conclusion, when faced with the decision of StreamElements vs Streamlabs, it is important to consider your individual requirements, technical considerations, and personal preferences. Is StreamLabs better than StreamElements? The answer depends on your needs and streaming goals.

If you want a simple and easy solution that has everything you need in one app, then Streamlabs might be the one for you. However, you should know that Streamlabs will use more of your computer’s resources, so you need a powerful machine to run it smoothly.

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with OBS and you want to customize your stream to your liking, then StreamElements might be a better option.

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