How To Add Timestamp to Your YouTube Video [Update 2023]

how to add timestamp to youtube video
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Do you want to know how to put a timestamp on a YouTube video? Don’t worry! You’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find a simple guide on how to do it.

Adding timestamps to your YouTube video is important. It helps divide the video into specific sections. This is very helpful for your viewers because they can directly go to the part of the video that the timestamp is linked to.

Moreover, it gives viewers the option to skip to relevant sections without having to watch the entire video. Many creators are unsure about how to add chapters to a YouTube video, but you can learn it here. Let’s get started!

How To Add Timestamp To YouTube Video

Thankfully, YouTube allows you to add YouTube video chapters easily. Only with a couple of clicks, and you’re all set. Here are the steps.

How To Add Timestamp To YouTube Video
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  • You can then write the timestamp in the video description at the very bottom.
  • Simply type in TIMESTAMPS at the bottom of the description, then below the TIMESTAMPS, you can start adding the timestamps in a list format.
  • Start the timestamps in a 00:00 format, click space and write a title for that timestamp chapter. Continue the step for the next chapter.
  • After finishing adding the timestamps, hit Save.
how to add chapters to YouTube video
Source: TubeSkillss
  • Now, the timestamps will automatically link to the time you’ve set for each chapter.
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It will take a few minutes until the timestamps appear. Keep in mind that you need to always spare 10 seconds at least between each chapter you’ve created. Other than that, you also need to make at least 3 timestamps to your video.

The Benefit of Adding YouTube Timestamps

As above mentioned, adding chapters to your YouTube video gives viewers more opportunity to directly go to the relevant information they’re looking for conveniently. So, it will keep your viewers staying longer on your video which is good for your viewer growth.

Aside from that, chapters in YouTube videos give you more moments to fit the focus keywords in. As a result, you are able to increase your discoverability as well as your credibility. It’s indeed beneficial for SEO needs. However, the result will not immediately come. It takes some time and process.


Now that you know how to add timestamp to YouTube video, you can enhance the viewers’ experience and optimize focus keywords to make your video become more visible. So, why don’t you give it a shot?