Instagram Reels Video Size, Specs, Ratio, and More

Want to create stunning reels on your Instagram account? You are at the right place! Instagram has this reels feature that you can use to bring a new kind of engagement to your profile. The secret to making stunning reels is to understand Instagram reels video size and other important specs. Knowing the basic specs won’t work as the aspect ratio differs depending on how someone is watching the reel.

For instance, watching your reel from your profile is different from watching it from the Reels View section. In today’s article, we will tell you everything there’s to know about Instagram reel specs. With this guide, you will be able to create better reels in the future. Here we go.

Instagram Reels Video Size (1080 pixels x 1920 pixels)

Instagram Reels Video Size
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It all starts from here. Basically, the overall acceptable size of an Instagram video reel is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. This has an aspect ratio of 9:16. So if you want to create a reel for your Insta account, be sure to start from this video size. Though you also have to keep in mind the other specs we are going to talk about. Generating a video of this size might not be an option in some phones such as iPhone XS.

Instagram Reel Newsfeed View Size Ratio

instagram reels video size ratio

As you may know that Instagram reels also show up in the newsfeed. So you have to pay attention to the specs for the feed view as well. The aspect ratio can change from 9:16 to 4:5 when it appears in the feed view.

If you want to create a catchy reel that can attract a lot of eyeballs, you should pay attention to this spec when creating the reel.

Instagram Reel Thumbnail Ratio

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In addition to the newsfeed, your reel will also be seen in your profile view. In your profile, Instagram will crop the look of your post into a square form, which means it has a 1:1 aspect ratio.

This 1:1 aspect ratio is actually your reel’s centre and will be pulled from your selected cover for the reel. You have the option to choose your cover. Do make sure that the cover is worthy of being on your profile in the long term.

Instagram Reels Text-Safe Area Ratio

instagram reels size width and height
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When a user watches your reel from the Instagram reel player, they don’t see an unedited version. Instagram adds text to your video on the top portion. Plus, on the bottom side, Instagram will add your account information along with audio information. Don’t forget that Instagram also adds like, comment, and share icons on the right.

So if you are adding any text to your reel, it might overlap with these sections and won’t be readable. This can ruin the feel of your Instagram reel. That’s why you should plan ahead and only put text in areas that won’t overlap with your text content. These can be termed as text-safe areas.

Now, the exact location of the icons and Instagram text will vary depending on the phone the viewer is using. If the device is small, the safe-text area will be near 1:1. If the device is bigger, the safe-text area can be near the 4:5 aspect ratio.

How To Set Your Instagram Reel Cover

To attract viewers to your reel video, you should make a catchy cover. To do so, you can follow the steps below.

  • After you’ve made an Instagram reel, tap next.
  • Then, you’ll be brought into the Share settings. Hit the preview image that says ‘cover‘.
  • You can then add a frame from your video as your thumbnail, or you can browse your photo gallery by using the add from camera roll option.
Source: Later
  • Be sure that you have a 1:1 thumbnail to make your reel preview more appealing by tapping the crop profile image on the Share settings screen.
Source: Later
  • Finally, reposition the image or zoom in or out to find the perfect result. 

There you have it. Now you can make an Instagram reel that will look cool from any point of view. 


So those were all the Instagram reel specs you need to keep in mind. Along with Instagram reels video size, you also need to pay attention to text-safe areas if you are planning on adding text to your Instagram reels.

You may also need some tools to ensure your videos have the required specs for Instagram – one of them is about duration or size. That is why, we think you should give this article a read and let it come in handy: 6 Best Video Cropper for Instagram.

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