Jebaited Meaning: The Origins and Usage of the Twitch Emote

Jebaited is a well-known emoticon on Twitch featuring Alex Jebailey, the owner of CEO Gaming.

Originally, it was used to describe the act of tricking opponents in video games. But over time, its meaning has expanded to include situations where people are fooled into doing something. Jebaited remains incredibly popular on Twitch and has even made its way into funny video compilations.

Let’s dive into the origins, meaning, and memorable moments of the Jebaited Twitch emote.

The Birth of Jebaited Emote

jebaited meaning

Jebaited first appeared online in September 2016. It gained attention when the phrase “Now We Jebaited” was added to the Twitch Quotes database on September 23rd.

Shortly after, on October 16th, a well-known Dota 2 player and streamer named AdmiralBulldog posted a video titled “Bulldog Jebaited Aegis Steal.” Because of his popularity, this meme quickly spread across the gaming community and has remained famous ever since. The Jebaited emote, featuring Jebailey, was later introduced on Twitch and gained a lot of popularity among users and streamers.

Jebaited Meaning? What It Is?

Jebaited comes from the term “baiting,” which means tricking or fooling someone in a funny way.

It involves making opponents believe there is no real danger or even making them think they will benefit from acting a certain way. This strategy is based on the idea of appearing weak while secretly being strong, just like Sun Tzu’s principle.

Baiting is a common tactic used in esports, like Dota 2, where players use invisibility or the element of surprise to lure enemies into making mistakes. By revealing hidden teammates and outnumbering the opponent, the baiting team gains an advantage.

When players or teams successfully set up a trap for their opponents in a game, the Jebaited emote is often spammed in the chat.

Streamers may also say “jebaited” to celebrate their successful trickery.

While emotes like KEKW and MonkaS are mostly used on Twitch, Jebaited has gone beyond those platforms. The phrase “You got jebaited” is now used in various contexts, from video moments to Reddit threads, whenever there’s a hint of baiting or trolling.

Memorable Jebaited Moments in Gaming

Jebaited has become a symbol of memorable moments in gaming.

Players and streamers use the emote to celebrate instances where they outsmarted their opponents or created clever traps. It represents triumph and satisfaction within the gaming community.

As Jebaited continues to gain recognition and popularity, its meaning might eventually extend beyond gaming and become part of everyday language, just like how “Press F to pay respects” has become widely known.


Jebaited, featuring Alex Jebailey, started as an emoticon representing baiting opponents in video games.

Its meaning has expanded to include various situations where people are tricked or fooled. The emote remains highly popular on Twitch and has become a beloved meme among gamers.

With its iconic status, Jebaited continues to leave a lasting impression in the gaming world.

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