Top 7 Motivational Speaker Videos on YouTube

Motivational speaker videos on YouTube are a great source of inspiration and empowerment for many people. From personal development to professional growth, these videos offer valuable insights and advice that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 7 motivational speaker videos on YouTube that are guaranteed to uplift and motivate you.

Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within

Tony Robbins is a well-known motivational speaker who has helped millions of people transform their lives. In this video, he shares powerful strategies for unlocking your full potential and taking control of your destiny. With practical tips and real-life examples, Tony Robbins will inspire you to unleash the power within yourself.

Les Brown: The Power of Purpose

Les Brown’s captivating storytelling and powerful message about finding your purpose in life make this video a must-watch. He delves into the importance of having a clear sense of purpose and how it can drive you towards success. Get ready to be inspired by Les Brown’s wisdom and charisma.

Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins’ “The 5 Second Rule” is a game-changer when it comes to overcoming self-doubt and taking action. In this video, she explains how counting down from 5 can help you break through fear and hesitation to achieve your goals. Her practical advice will leave you feeling empowered and ready to make positive changes in your life.

Eric Thomas: Secrets to Success

Eric Thomas delivers an electrifying speech about the secrets to success that will ignite a fire within you. His raw passion and no-nonsense approach will push you to strive for greatness and never settle for mediocrity. This video is a powerful reminder that hard work, determination, and resilience are key ingredients for success.

Lisa Nichols: Transform Your Mindset

Lisa Nichols’ empowering message about transforming your mindset will leave you feeling motivated and empowered. In this video, she shares her personal journey of overcoming challenges and embracing change. Lisa’s authenticity and vulnerability make her insights relatable, making it easier for viewers to apply them in their own lives.

Nick Vujicic: No Arms, No Legs, No Limits

Nick Vujicic’s incredible story of resilience in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. Despite being born without arms or legs, he has defied all odds to live a fulfilling life. In this video, Nick shares his journey from despair to hope, leaving viewers with a profound sense of gratitude for their own lives.

Zig Ziglar: Attitude Makes All the Difference

Zig Ziglar’s timeless wisdom about the power of attitude is encapsulated in this impactful video. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive outlook even in challenging circumstances. Zig’s words will encourage you to adopt an attitude of gratitude and optimism as you navigate through life’s ups and downs.


In conclusion, these motivational speaker videos on YouTube offer valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice that can empower you to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in life. Whether you’re seeking personal growth or professional development, these videos are sure to leave a lasting impact on your mindset.

Remember that motivation is not just about watching videos; it’s about applying the lessons learned in your everyday life. Take action on the wisdom shared by these speakers, and watch as your life transforms for the better.

So go ahead, dive into these transformative videos with an open heart and mind!

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