Everything About Kwite: Net Worth, Age, Relationshop in 2023


Kwite is a popular content creator and YouTuber known for his commentary videos and comedic content. But not long ago, he gained attention after he was accused of sexual assault. Learn more about his personal and professional life in this article.

Kwite Net Worth

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Kwite has a whopping 1.01 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel and 51.7K subscribers on his second channel. Similarly, he has 121K followers on Instagram and 160.1K followers on Twitter.

Kwite is also active on other social media sites like Twitch and Discord, where he has 24K and 17K followers respectively. Moreover, YouTube is Kwite’s main source of income, and he is estimated to have a net worth of $436K as a YouTuber.

Kwite Personal Life

Kwite was born in the United States on March 30, 2000. He is 23 years old and was born under the sign of Aries. He is American.

We don’t have information about his parents’ names or his siblings. He likes to keep his family and personal life private, even though he is popular on social media and YouTube.

Kwite also may be single at the moment. He has never talked about his personal or romantic life in public.

He has a unique appearance. He wears a special green hoodie, sunglasses, and a surgical mask to cover his face. This way of presenting himself on camera has caught the attention of his fans and viewers. It has probably made him more popular and added to the mystery around him. We don’t know why he chooses to hide his face from his fans.

Another YouTuber and his friend named FPSDiesel suggested that it might be because of his acne. However, Kwite hasn’t confirmed or denied this statement.

There was also a rumor that he didn’t have real legs, and the legs people see in videos are actually artificial limbs. But he disproved this rumor by posting pictures on social media that showed his real legs, which were not artificial. Since he doesn’t even show his face to his fans, it’s natural for him to keep his love life a secret too.

Kwite Career Journey

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Kwite started his YouTube channel, “@Kwite,” on December 2, 2012. According to sources, his early videos were about gaming skits and a tour of his house. He gained popularity through his comedy and commentary videos, where he often talks about other social media stars like Logan Paul and iDubbbzTV.

Some of his YouTube videos have received over a million views. One of his most popular videos, “Why You Can’t Win Against a Content Cop,” was published on October 17, 2017, and has reached 2.6 million views so far.

Kwite is part of a podcast called “Loud Mouths” with Khe, FPS DIESEL, and WildSpartanz. The podcast focuses on YouTube scandals, other YouTube stars, mainstream media, and news. Occasionally, other YouTubers also join the podcast. They used to release episodes once a week in 2019. Kwite is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

In February 2023, somebody under the username of @Nyasputiin posted a twitlonger about their experiences with Kwite. In short, they accused Kwite of allegedly emotionally abusing, calling him slurs, using his dead name, and gaslighting him into silence. On March 11, 2023, Kwite released a video telling his side of the story. He denied all of the allegations and said that he was the victim of cyberbullying.

The allegations against Kwite have caused a lot of controversy on social media. Some people believe the allegations and have called for Kwite to be canceled. Others believe that the allegations are false and that Kwite is being unfairly targeted.

Kwite has not commented on the allegations since his video on March 11. It is unclear what the future holds for Kwite’s YouTube career.


Kwite is a popular YouTuber with over 1.01 million subscribers on his main channel. He is known for his comedy and commentary videos and has estimated net worth of $436K. Now, the controversy surrounding him has sparked debates on social media. His current YouTube career status and the long-term impact of the controversy are unknown.

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