xQc Profile, Net Worth, Streaming Deal with Kick Explained

Well-known gamer xQc recently revealed that he has joined Kick, a competitor of Twitch, the platform where he is already famous. This partnership could be the biggest live streaming deal ever.

This news has caused quite a stir in the gaming industry. But who is xQc exactly, and what does his decision to join Kick mean for his fans and the entire live streaming industry? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Who is xQc?

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xQc, whose real name is FĂ©lix Lengyel, is a famous Canadian gamer and content creator who became well-known for playing Overwatch professionally. He was a tank player for the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League.

What sets xQc apart is his lively and funny style of streaming. He has a big and loyal fan base because of it. Over the years, he has expanded his content to include various games like Minecraft, Among Us, and Rust.

During his streams, xQc interacts with his audience, talks about current events, and reacts honestly to what’s happening in the games. His entertaining and sometimes controversial personality has made him extremely popular. He is one of the most-watched and followed streamers on Twitch.

xQc’s Net Worth and Income Sources

xQc is estimated to have a net worth of around 5 million USD. Some more generous estimates suggest his total assets could be up to $10 million. However, we believe that the closer estimate is around 5 million.

xQc has a diversified income pattern with multiple sources contributing to his earnings and net worth. Here are the main sources:

1. Twitch

xQc initially started streaming League of Legends under the name XQCLoL before switching to Overwatch in 2016. His popularity as a Twitch streamer soared after he left professional gaming. In both 2021 and 2022, he became the most-watched streamer. Despite facing suspensions for various reasons, his bans were often reversed due to his popularity and the platform’s financial benefit. As of 2022, he has over 11 million subscribers on Twitch with an average viewership of around 60 thousand people.

2. YouTube

Apart from Twitch, xQc has a YouTube channel called XQCOW with just over 2 million subscribers. Although this channel generates lower payouts compared to Twitch, it still contributes significantly to his earnings. He shares various content on his YouTube channel, including highlights from his streams and news for his fans.

3. Sponsorship Deals

xQc has signed numerous sponsorship deals, endorsing brands such as G Fuel. These deals play a substantial role in his income. He also received payment for supporting NFT sales, although the exact amount remains undisclosed. Overall, xQc’s brand deals contribute significantly to his net worth, potentially on par with his YouTube channel.

xQc’s Career and Latest News

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xQc began his career as a professional Overwatch player. He played for Dallas Fuel in the first season of organized tournament play but was released mid-season due to controversies. He then joined another team, Gladiators Legion. However, his greatest successes came from playing for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup from 2019 to 2021. Despite retiring from professional Overwatch, he continues to focus on his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Recently, xQc made a deal with Kick, even though it’s a rival platform to Twitch. According to the agreement, xQc will exclusively stream on Kick for the next 2 years, becoming the platform’s most popular content creator.

While the exact financial details haven’t been revealed, the two-year contract is estimated to be worth around $70 million. It includes incentives that could push the total value to approximately $100 million.

This deal is the largest ever seen in the live streaming industry. xQc mentioned that Kick provides him with new opportunities he hasn’t had before, and after talking to the team behind the platform, the choice was clear for him.

However, since xQc will exclusively stream on Kick, his fans will need to switch to that platform to continue watching his content. This transition might lead some fans to explore Kick and discover other content creators there, but it could also create a division among his fanbase, with some fans staying on Twitch.


xQc has joined Kick, a rival platform to Twitch, in the biggest live streaming deal ever. With an estimated net worth of $5 million, he earns income from Twitch, YouTube, and sponsorships. By exclusively streaming on Kick for the next two years, with a contract worth around $70 million, xQc is embracing new opportunities while potentially dividing his fanbase between Kick and Twitch.

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