Eklipse Guide: Step-by-Step to Claim Your Free Pro Edits

Did you know that you can get free Pro Edits in Eklipse? Yes, you can! Eklipse now offers every new subscriber of the Eklipse Premium Plan one complimentary Pro Edit.

You’re missing out if you haven’t claimed your free edits yet! So in today’s post, we will guide you on how to claim the free Pro Edits on the Eklipse dashboard. Let’s get started!

What is “Pro Edits”?

Eklipse Pro Edits
Source: Eklipse.gg

The Eklipse Pro Edits service is like having a professional video editor at your fingertips. With Eklipse Pro Edits, you can send your clip or highlights and let our skilled editors turn it into a top-notch video.

The best part? You can make your video into anything you want! Want to turn your gameplay into epic highlights? No problem. Want to make a hilarious meme-filled montage? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re too busy (or simply don’t have the pro editing skills) to polish your stream clip, don’t worry! Eklipse Pro Edits has got your back!

How to Claim Eklipse Free Pro Edits?

You’re probably already familiar with the Eklipse dashboard, where you can find your generated highlights, Twitch clips, playlists, and edit results from “Convert to TikTok,” etc.

To get free Pro Edits on Eklipse, you need to do these two steps in the Eklipse Dashboard: activate your Eklipse premium plan and claim your free Pro Edits. Let’s jump into the instructions without further ado.

Step 1: Activate Eklipse Premium Plan

Eklipse Premium Plan
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The free Premium Edit offer is only for Eklipse premium subscribers (monthly or annual subs). If you haven’t upgraded yet, follow these instructions first:

  1. On the Eklipse dashboard, click the profile icon at the top right of the interface, then click “Account Settings”. Or you can hit the “Go Premium” button to skip forward to step 3.
Go Premium
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Click the “Premium Plan” section.
Premium Plan Section
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Click “Go Premium” then select your desired plan.
Select Plan
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. We recommend the Annual Plan, as it only costs $12.49 per month (charged $149.99 annually) and will save you up to 37%!
Annual Plan
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Proceed to payment, and you’re done!

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Step 2: Claim the Free Pro Edits

Claim Free Pro Edits
Source: Eklipse.gg

Congratulations! You have become a member of the Eklipse Premium Plan. But where is your free Pro Edits feature? You can access it through the “Premium Clips” option in the left-side menu.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. On the Eklipse dashboard, click “Premium Clips” on the left-side menu.
Premium Clips
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Click the “Request Edit Now” button on the right side of your interface.
Request Edit Now
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Choose your clip by hitting the “Add Clips” button. You can pick an AI-generated clip or upload your video from a local drive.
Add Clips
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Fill in the necessary information to create the perfect Premium Edit as preferred.
Fill Information
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. Click the “Purchase Premium Edit” button.
Purchase Premium Edit
Source: Eklipse.gg
  1. The payment window will pop up. Tap the “Purchase with 1 Credit” button to claim your free Premium Edit.
Purchase with 1 Credit
Source: Eklipse.gg

Important Tips

It’s important to note that you must claim your free Pro Edits within 3 months of purchasing your Premium Membership. If you miss this deadline, the credit will expire, and you’ll miss the opportunity to have professionally edited content to boost your streaming channel.

So, don’t forget to claim your free Pro Edits as soon as possible!

Final Thoughts

That’s how to claim your free Pro Edit included with the Eklipse Premium subscription. Eklipse Pro Edits lets you turn your clips into professional-looking videos by skilled editors.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to the Eklipse Premium Plan and get your free Pro Edits today!

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