Eklipse Update: Kick Channel Name Sticker Has Arrived!


Are you looking for a creative way to promote your Kick channel? Eklipse has got you covered!

Since November 2022, we had provided the channel name sticker feature to help you guys promote your channel on social media.

Now, in April 2023, we see that Kick has been rising and highly requested by you – our valuable community. To answer that demand, we are introducing the Kick channel name sticker on Eklipse’s video editor.

What’s New: Option to Add Kick Channel on Channel Name Sticker

Creating social media content to promote your Kick.com channel is essential for growing your channel. We know that Kick has been on the rise lately, and many of you have been requesting to add Kick to the channel name sticker feature.

So, we introduce to you the Kick channel name sticker on Eklipse’s video editor. The Kick channel name sticker offers 11 sticker templates that you can customize the color and text of. And the best part is, all of them are available for FREE!

With the Kick channel name sticker, you can easily showcase your channel’s branding on your social media content. You can choose the design that suits your channel’s theme, customize the colors and text, and apply it to your videos in just a few clicks.

How to Add Kick Channel Name Sticker

Adding the Kick streaming channel name sticker to your videos is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to studio.eklipse.gg

    Upload your clip from your Kick stream

  2. Select your layer (Facecam or Gamefeed area)

    Click “Confirm” when you’re done.

  3. On your left sidebar menu, choose “Channel Name.”

    Turn on the toggle and choose “Kick.”

  4. Customize the color and text, then click the sticker you want to apply.

  5. On the right side, you can put your sticker anywhere you want on the video.

    Hit “Confirm” and you’re done!

We’re excited to see how this new feature can help elevate your TikTok content and boost your streaming channel. Make sure to share your amazing creations with us by tagging @Eklipsegg on TikTok!