How to Get Paid to Review Products at Home 2023

If you’re looking to earn money by reviewing products, you’re in luck! Getting paid to review products is not only possible but can also be a lucrative opportunity. So, how to get paid to review products?

In this article, we’ll explore the world of product reviews and how you can start getting paid for your opinions. We’ll cover the different types of product reviews, the benefits of getting paid to review products and provide tips for success. So let’s dive in!

What is a Product Review and Why is It Important?

In simple terms, a product review is an evaluation of a product based on its features, benefits, and drawbacks. Product reviews are essential because they provide valuable insights for consumers who are looking to make purchasing decisions.

According to research, over 93% of consumers read or watch online reviews before making a purchase, and positive reviews can significantly influence their buying decisions. For businesses, positive reviews can improve their reputation, increase sales, and help build customer loyalty.

Overview of Getting Paid to Review Products

Getting paid to review products has become increasingly popular as brands and businesses recognize the value of consumer opinions. By offering paid review opportunities, these companies can gather feedback from influencers, bloggers, and social media personalities who have a significant following and reach.

There are various types of product reviews that you can participate in—written reviews, video reviews, and social media reviews.

  • Written Reviews: Written reviews are the most common type where reviewers offer detailed analysis through blogs, websites, or e-commerce platforms.
  • Video Reviews: Video reviews provide a visual demonstration of a product and are usually posted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Social Media Reviews: Social media reviews are short and concise, often featuring images or short videos that give an overview of the product.

Benefits of Getting Paid to Review Products

There are several benefits to getting paid to review products:

  1. Earn Money: One of the main benefits is earning money. Brands and businesses may pay reviewers for their time and effort in creating high-quality reviews. Payment can be in the form of cash, gift cards, or free products.
  2. Receive Free Products: Another benefit is receiving free products. Brands may send products to reviewers in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This allows reviewers to try out new products and share their thoughts with their audience.
  3. Build a Following: Getting paid to review products can also help you build a following. By creating high-quality reviews that offer valuable insights, you can attract new followers and expand your audience.
  4. Gain Experience: Reviewing products can help you gain experience in writing, video production, and social media marketing. This experience not only adds value when applying for jobs but also helps you develop knowledge, skills, and expertise.

How to Get Started

Starting your journey as a product reviewer is simple. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Register with a market research firm that offers at-home product testing opportunities.
  2. Complete your profile and wait for screener emails to determine if you qualify for specific product test jobs.
  3. If you meet the eligibility criteria for a particular product test job, the company will send you the product for evaluation.
  4. Test the product thoroughly during the evaluation period.
  5. Provide feedback about the product based on your experience.
  6. Start earning money!

Being an experienced product tester is not a prerequisite for this role. The only requirement is being the primary shopper in your household and meeting the demographic criteria that the company is seeking.

Top 5 Product Testing Sites for Getting Paid to Review Products

  1. User Testing: UserTesting is a well-known website that pays individuals for product testing. They collaborate with prominent brands such as H.P., Samsung, Adobe, and more. Testers create videos expressing their thoughts and opinions on the products they test.
  2. SuperSavvyMe: SuperSavvyMe focuses on Procter & Gamble brands and conducts product testing through promotional campaigns. By joining SuperSavvyMe, you can receive beauty and fashion products from popular brands like Wella, Braun, Olay, and MaxFactor.
  3. Adidas: The Adidas Product Testing Program allows you to test Adidas shoes or gear before they hit the market. This program is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to try out new designs and releases.
  4. Clicks Research: Clicks Research is a product testing and survey site with over 500,000 members worldwide. They offer a wide range of product categories for testing and also provide paid survey opportunities.
  5. BzzAgent: BzzAgent provides opportunities to participate in campaigns and test free product samples from big brands like NARS Cosmetics, Timberland, Coach, and Perricone MD.

Tips for Success

To succeed as a product reviewer, consider these tips:

  1. Consistency: Be consistent in your efforts by dedicating time regularly to review products.
  2. Develop a Clear Review Process: Define your review process to ensure consistency in your reviews.
  3. Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends: Stay informed about the latest trends in the industry you’re reviewing products for.
  4. Set a Schedule for Reviews: Establish a schedule to ensure timely completion of reviews.
  5. Be Honest and Objective: Provide honest and objective feedback in your reviews.
  6. Disclose Sponsored Content: Always disclose if a review is sponsored or if you have any conflicts of interest.
  7. Test the Product Thoroughly: Take the time to thoroughly test the product before providing your review.
  8. Avoid Personal Bias: Avoid letting personal preferences influence your review.
  9. Be Professional in Your Communications: Maintain professionalism when communicating with brands, companies, and your audience.

FAQs About Getting Paid to Review Products

Q: How much can I make from reviewing products?

A: The earning potential varies depending on factors such as the platform you use and the number of reviews you complete. Some websites pay between $10-$50 per hour for product reviews.

Q: Is it legal to get paid for product reviews?

A: Yes, it is legal to get paid for product reviews. Companies often seek others’ points of view before launching their products to gain valuable insights.


Getting paid to review products is an exciting opportunity that allows you to earn money, receive free products, build a following, and gain experience in various fields.

By following the tips provided and exploring reputable product testing sites, you can start your journey as a product reviewer today. Remember to stay consistent, be honest in your reviews, and enjoy the process!

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