YouTube Video Production Workflow to Speed Up Creation Process

Creating a YouTube video production workflow is really important if you want to keep on track while producing videos regularly. In addition to the number of videos you have to produce every day, you will also race with the deadlines and any other challenges. So, a workflow will help you to be more systematic.

A great YouTube video consists of well-design content ideas, sorted clips and footage, predictable budget and time, and more important things. You can imagine without clear guardrails, everything will not run smoothly, or worse it could be a tangle. 

Therefore, this article will give you an example of a good YouTube channel workflow to speed up your content creation process. Let’s begin the discussion.

Preferred YouTube Video Production Workflow You Can Try

Workflow can really help you face the deadline, provide a great content idea, and manage resources for creating video faster. Aside from that, it can also help you to avoid great mess whenever you try to edit your resource to be a video. 

In addition to that, a good workflow should’ve separated the content-producing process into four stages: pre-production, production, post-production, and promotion.

1. Pre-production Stage

YouTube Video Production Workflow
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To make YouTube content less complicated and on time, you need to do some stuff regarding the pre-production stage. It’s including initiating the creative and clear ideas along with the goal of the content, creating the narrative script, budgeting, and setting the timeline. Let’s discuss each of them.

Coming Up With a Clear Idea

The idea is the root of everything. You can’t make a single YouTube video without an idea. Once you’ve found an awesome idea, you can then start researching the related keyword, topic, or even script writing. Additionally, you can make a full script or some bullet points are also fine.

Set The Content Goal

Content without a clear goal will be nonsense, and everyone will get bored if there’s no point in your YouTube video. That’s why after you have a content idea, set the goal of the video as well. Apart from that, you can set the goal to be educating, amusing, persuading, or informing. Then, you can improve them later.

Provide Project Budget and Timeline

In addition to the content idea and goal, you also need to arrange the project budget and the timeline. The project budget should cover every project spending. Meanwhile, the timeline is all about when the production begins and the target date for the project to be completed.

2. Production Stage (The Next YouTube Video Production Workflow)

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Now since you’re ready with all of the pre-production stuff, you can continue to the next stage, which is the production stage. In this stage, you will start to record clips and footage, and then arrange them into an incredible video.

Setting Up Recording Gears

Before starting a recording process, setting up the gear is required. It’s including your camera, lighting, additional mic, and more important things. Other than that, you need to decide what kind of scene you need to capture.

Start Filming Process

This step is where it all comes together. You will start to shoot the scene using the gears. One thing for sure, try to stick around the budget and timeline to avoid delays in producing process.

Preparing to Edit

Once you’ve finished shooting, the next step is to gather any additional content such as B-roll footage, graphic or animation, and voiceover recording. Also, make sure you organize all those important files into a specific folder on your device. Trust me, it will make everything easier and you will be able to avoid multiple revisions.

3. Post-production Stage (The Final Step of YouTube Video Production Workflow)

YouTube channel workflow
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The post-production stage is the last in terms of making a video. At this stage, you’ll start to edit your organized resources, collect some feedback from the reviewer (if it’s possible), and make a final production. 

Start Editing and Create Rough Draft

Finally a video post-production workflow, and it’s time for video editing! At this step, you can identify all the clips and footage, arrange and trim them into a raw cut, and maybe adding effects or transitions is also fine. Other than polishing the raw cut into the final product, you can also add a cool soundtrack to make your video more interesting. 

Collect Feedback and Make the Final Product

Feedback is actually necessary to review your raw video before you save it as the final product. However, collecting feedback from any reviewers might take a long time. If you think it’s kinda impossible to waste any of your time, you can skip this step though. 

To make sure that everything is alright, you can compare your raw video, observe, and decide what part you will need and what you don’t.

4. Distribution and Promotion

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Apart from producing videos, you also need to work on a distribution and promotion plan. If you want to increase the growth of your YouTube channel and gain more viewers from your videos, it’s required to involve other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms.

Therefore, you should prepare a video in any format and develop a distribution plan to properly promote your video on social media.


That’s all about our preferred YouTube Video Production Workflow. If you have another plan or strategy for your workflow, that’s cool. You can share other ideas through the comment section below. Happy YouTubing and good luck!

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