Kick New Changes: Reduce Exposure to Gambling Content

In a recent Twitter post, Craven, the spokesperson for Kick, shared some exciting updates regarding the platform’s handling of tabbed streams and its approach to gambling content. These changes aim to ensure a fair landscape for creators and combat view count manipulation.

Let’s dive into the details of these updates.

Enhanced View Count Protection and Combatting View Count Manipulation

Craven stated that Kick implements new changes by introducing additional measures to protect view counts on the platform. These measures will effectively combat view count manipulation, addressing issues related to follow/chatbots.

The primary objective is to maintain a fair environment for creators. By implementing this protection, Kick aims to tackle the problem associated with ‘Tabbing’ and the abusive practices that have emerged as a result. Furthermore, the platform has included further safeguards to enhance the overall experience.

Under the new system, streamers will no longer be able to artificially inflate their views by opening their streams on multiple browser tabs. 

Instead, viewers will need to engage actively with each channel for their actions to be counted as views. This approach ensures a more accurate representation of stream popularity and discourages manipulative practices.

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Reduction of Exposure to Gambling-Related Content

In the second part of the tweet, Eddie, another representative from Kick, revealed the platform’s plans.

Kick implements other new changes is reducing exposure to gambling-related content. This update will address the concerns of users who prefer not to encounter such content during their browsing experience.

As part of this initiative, Kick has eliminated unnecessary exposure to gambling-related content within their recommended formulas, including the front page. 

This decision aims to provide users with a more tailored and enjoyable browsing experience. 

Eddie also shared that Kick will introduce an option to disable gambling streams entirely, allowing viewers to avoid this category altogether. Kick values viewer experience as much as the creators’ contributions, and these updates reflect their commitment to both parties.

This development is a significant step forward for individuals who are not interested in the gambling aspect of the platform.

It empowers users to browse Kick without encountering content they wish to avoid.


In summary, Kick actively combats the manipulation of view counts and reduces the presence of gambling content in the upcoming update. 

Safeguards are in place to prevent artificial inflation through the use of multiple tabs, ensuring that genuine viewer engagement is necessary for counting views. The platform also diminishes the visibility of gambling-related content and offers users the option to disable it altogether. These updates demonstrate a commitment to fairness and an enhanced user experience.

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