RiceGum Teases Major Switch: Rumored Move to Kick

Fans of the popular YouTube star, RiceGum, are anxiously awaiting his next move to Kick as he recently hinted at a significant career change on July 5.

Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le, an influential YouTuber, established his channel in 2012 and has amassed an impressive following of over 10 million subscribers. His success extends beyond YouTube, as he has also built a thriving Twitch channel with over 1.2 million devoted followers.

While RiceGum initially rose to fame in the late 2010s with hits like ‘It’s Every Night Sis,’ he has remained a prominent figure in the content creation industry in the years that followed.

RiceGum’s Teaser Fuels Speculation of a New Partnership with Kick

On July 4, RiceGum took to Twitter to share an intriguing image of himself examining snapback hats, each adorned with the logo of a prominent streaming platform. The sequence of logos included Twitch, Rumble, Kick, and YouTube, leading fans to believe that Ricegum might be on the verge of moving to Kick, securing an exclusive streaming contract with one of these platforms.

Furthermore, RiceGum’s tweet hinted that he would announce his final choice on July 5, leaving little time for fans to speculate and anticipate his decision.

Fans Express Their Desire for RiceGum to Choose Kick

Despite the limited timeframe, fans are eagerly voicing their support and pleading for RiceGum to join their preferred platform, with Kick emerging as a top contender. The comments on RiceGum’s social media posts overwhelmingly express enthusiasm for the possibility of him joining Kick.

RiceGum already maintains a profile on Kick, which currently boasts 172 followers. However, the profile lacks verification and a subscriber button, features typically associated with major signings on the platform.

RiceGum’s Kick Profile Raises Questions and Excitement

Notably, RiceGum’s Kick profile showcases a mysterious message that reads, “Signing A 50 Million Dollar Deal Soon.” This enigmatic statement has only fueled curiosity and speculation among his followers.

While Kick remains a strong possibility, it is worth considering that RiceGum might also opt to join Rumble. He maintains a profile on that platform as well, and it recently announced the signing of one of the “GOATS of streaming.”


As RiceGum weighs his options, various platforms are actively seeking prominent streamers to bolster their ranks and challenge Twitch’s dominance in the industry.

Stay tuned for RiceGum’s decision, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on his career and the streaming landscape as a whole.

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