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Finding the best video editor for Chromebook is going to be a task. Chromebook is not just a glorified light-weight laptop it can also perform many of the same tasks better than Windows/Mac. But despite having some amazing features Chromebook unlike Windows/Mac cannot run many applications.

The latest Chromebooks are now compatible with the PlayStore so you can try some Android video editors. Similarly, there are many online video editing software available for Chromebook. We have compiled a short list of available video editors for Chromebook for beginners, artists, professionals and streamers. Let’s take a look at them:

Power Director – Best video editor for Chromebook

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PowerDirector is the best video editor for Chromebook. It packs all the professional editing features to fit your editing needs. No wonder it was on the Google Editor’s Choice list. Whether you are a beginner or a professional editor you can use PowerDirector to edit videos conveniently on your Chromebook. This editor has everything from special effects, to animated visuals, music, overlays and monthly design packs. PowerDirector does a great job of making the editing process as painless as possible for users of every level.

1. Easy to Use1. Unaffordable
2. 4K Editing 2. Many features are only a part of Director suite
3. Animations & Green Screen
4. Monthly New Designs
5. Compatible with ChromeOS, Android & iOS

Adobe Express- Best Adobe video editor for Chromebook

Adobe video editor for chromebook
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Beside Acrobat, Adobe Express is the only Adobe software available online, for mobile and for Chromebook. Adobe express is a great software for artists and designers who are mostly Adobe subscribers for career/passion reasons. It has millions of templates to choose from and you can make art and content unique to you for your socials and more.

Although, we will not recommend paying for Adobe express alone since it can be on the pricier side. If you are an artist you should definitely check out the free version. It offers some of the basic video editing tools to make your editing process much easier.

1. Overlays 1- Learning can be time taking
2. Countless useful templates2- Expensive as stand-alone
3. Remove background feature3- Free version has limited resources
4. Storage4. Free version has watermark
5. Compatibility
6. Free with 30 days trial for Premium

Eklipse- Best Streaming video editor for Chromebook

Eklipse best streaming software
Source: Eklipse

If you are a gamer/streamer who is looking for a video editor for Chromebook, Eklipse is your best bet. It serves you for all your streaming needs. It is an AI powered tool that will analyze your streams and pick your best gaming moments.
Eklipse has a tiktok convertor, built in editor with feature like streaming specific templates, background music and trimming. It can also make you a weekly highlight compilation of your weekly best moments which you can directly share on your social media. Best thing that it is free to use, watermark free and hands down the best software for any beginner who wants to grow their channel.

1. AI Technology 1. No premium version
2. Weekly Compilation2. Processing time
3. Tiktok Convertor
4. Manual editor
5. Compatibility
6. Beginner friendly


These were our top three picks for a video editor for Chromebook. There are many software and apps out there that you can check out and see what fits your needs best. Chromebook can run all android apps so it is safe to say that there are quiet a few options for you.

We do similar comparison articles on our blog for example, best alternatives for streamladder and more. Stay tuned to our blog for more streaming related content. Try Eklipse if you are a streamer/gamer and let us know what you think? Until then, Happy Streaming!

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