4 Reasons Why You Should Use Green Screen for Live Streaming

Green screens play a significant role in live game streaming, offering streamers the option to choose according to their streaming style. They are primarily used to remove the background and focus solely on the streamer on the screen. But we understand, some of you might think that streamers don’t need to use a green screen. If you’re still unsure about the importance of this tool for your live streaming, read our explanation first.

1. Cost-saving

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Using a green screen eliminates the need for renting a studio space, as virtual events can now incorporate green screens. This cost-effective solution helps streamers save money on their live streaming setup. By avoiding the expenses associated with studio rentals, streamers can allocate their resources to other aspects of their streaming setup.

2. Simplifies the revision process

Green screens simplify the editing process, making it easier to replace videos and images. The green color used in the screen is easily replaceable and distinguishes itself from skin tones, facilitating seamless editing. Streamers can swiftly make adjustments, switch backgrounds, and fine-tune their content without significant time and effort.

3. Alternative background option

Green screens provide an alternative to expensive custom backgrounds. Creating a visually appealing background often requires substantial financial investment, and finding a location or props that match the streamer’s ideas can be challenging. Green screens offer a cost-effective solution by allowing streamers to obtain high-quality backgrounds at a lower cost. They can select or create backgrounds that align with their content without the need for elaborate sets or physical props.

4. Creates stunning visual performances

Editing the green screen with specific images or backgrounds produces visually captivating performances. By incorporating engaging visuals into their streams, streamers can attract and engage their audience more effectively. Visual aesthetics play a crucial role in capturing and retaining viewers’ attention, enhancing the overall streaming experience and making the content more memorable.

The Chroma Key Panel Concept for Green Screens

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Green screens are sometimes referred to as “chroma key panels.” This technique involves matching the color code with the green screen’s shade. By utilizing the chroma key functionality in software programs like OBS Studio, the green color is automatically removed from the background. This allows streamers to overlay different images or videos, resulting in creative and dynamic visual effects. The chroma key panel concept simplifies the process of incorporating custom backgrounds and overlays, enabling streamers to enhance the visual appeal of their content effortlessly.


Green screens offer several important benefits for game streamers. They save costs, simplify the revision process, provide alternative background options, and create visually stunning performances. While not necessarily mandatory, green screens enhance the overall quality and professionalism of live streaming content. Streamers can utilize green screens to engage their audience and elevate their streaming experience by incorporating captivating visuals and customized backgrounds.

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