How to Start Live Streaming for Beginners [Update 2023]

Apart from being a professional eSports player, becoming a successful game streamer is also sought after by many people. This is because being a game streamer is believed to be very enjoyable, as you can make money by doing what you love.

However, becoming a successful game streamer is not easy. You need to understand the initial steps to start as a game streamer. By doing so, you will be better prepared to compete with existing gaming content creators.

What is a Game Streamer?

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Before you learn how to become a game streamer, it’s important to know and understand the concept of being a game streamer. Simply put, a game streamer is someone who plays games, records their gameplay, and broadcasts it on the internet through gaming platforms.

If this activity manages to attract attention, the game streamer can become popular. There are also opportunities to monetize your channel and collaborate with big brands. These streaming platforms doesn’t hold back when it comes to compensating game streamers, offering them fantastic earnings.

How to Start as a Game Streamer

So, how do you become a game streamer? For beginners who want to pursue this dream seriously, you can follow our easy and pratical steps belo.

  1. Determine the topic or niche for your live streaming. Before you decide to become a streamer, first determine the niche for your channel. You can choose to play games according to market demand or simply focus on the ones you enjoy. If you still struggle, you can read our article on How to Find Niche as a Streamer.
  2. Determine the desired broadcasting platform. Currently, there are various live streaming channels available. You can join Kick, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Twitch, and etc.
  3. Join communities to help your channel grow.
  4. Practice a lot. Perform practice sessions or clean rehearsals before live streaming to make it easier for you during the broadcast. This is because many people get nervous in front of the camera when they’re in action.

What Do You Need to Become a Streamer

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Preparing the above-mentioned aspects is not enough. You also need to gather the necessary equipment and materials to become a Mobile Legends or PUBG streamer. The required equipment includes:


That’s how you become a game streamer on streaming platforms, especially for beginners. Hopefully, this article can help you prepare yourself to become a professional game streamer. If you found this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends!

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