How to Find a Niche as a Streamer? A Beginner’s Guide

When creating content, it’s crucial to be unique and authentic. This helps your content and you as a creator stand out from others. How can you make sure your content is unique and different? One way is by choosing a niche. How to find niche for streamers, then?

Before starting as a streamer, it’s important to decide on your niche. A niche is not just the topic of your content but also how you present it on the screen.

Now, why is a niche important, and how can you choose a niche as a beginner game streamer? Let’s explore that further!

Why is a Niche Important?

Do you need a niche for Twitch?
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A niche is a specific target for your content that appeals to a certain audience. It should match your skills and expertise. Finding a niche takes time and is not an instant process. It involves trial and error. This is part of your streaming journey to find your audience.

Here are some guiding questions to help you find and choose the right niche:

  • How do you build a community? (Consider the games you’ll be playing.)
  • What is your passion or content goal? (For example, game walkthroughs, tips, or entertainment content)
  • How do you stay updated on game trends? (You can find information on gaming forums or social media)

When it comes to finding a niche, new streamers often make common mistakes. One of them is frequently changing niches by trying out many different games, making it difficult to determine their focus.

It is recommended to focus on one or two games and establish yourself as an expert. This way, your channel will stand out and be easily remembered. Enjoy the content you share and avoid switching niches too often.

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Determine the Type of Content

There are several types of content presentation that you can focus on when choosing your niche. Here are some examples:

  1. All Star: This type is usually filled by pro players or professional gamers. The content revolves around gameplay or tips to become the best player.
  2. Informer: This is a popular niche on YouTube, where content creators develop expertise in a specific game and provide useful tips to the audience, like GG (good game) tips.
  3. Entertainer: This niche doesn’t focus on gameplay or GG tips but rather on entertainment content. For example, game reactions.

In reality, the niche chosen by beginner streamers is a mix of these three types. However, it should lean towards one niche to differentiate from other competitors.

Many start as All Stars or Informers. However, if you are confident and have comedic talent, you can choose to be an entertainer.

Considering that streaming is live content, it becomes more engaging when it’s entertaining. Use audience interaction to create an honest connection, which often provides greater entertainment value compared to serious content.

Choose the Platform to Start Your Live Stream

How do I choose a niche on Twitch?
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After selecting your niche, you need to decide on the appropriate platform. The choice of platform should align with the type of content you’ve chosen, as each platform has a different audience.

This is an important step because to build a community, you need to select the best platform that matches the interests, characteristics, and target audience.

Here are some platforms you can try for live streaming:

  • Facebook Gaming: Easy scheduling of live streams for your followers.
  • Kick: Perfect for beginners.
  • Twitch: The largest and most popular streaming platform for gamers.
  • Mixer: Microsoft’s platform, compatible with Windows and Xbox One.
  • YouTube: A popular platform accessible to all audiences.
  • Dlive: Recommended for streaming mobile games.
  • Caffeine: An entertainment platform that facilitates collaboration between gamers and celebrities.

Observe Other Streamers for Reference

When researching the appropriate niche for your channel, it’s worthwhile to observe other streamers for reference. Familiarize yourself with how they present their content, attracting millions of viewers.

This also helps you discover various interesting topics and tricks. Watch their videos repeatedly, then modify them with your own style.

Learn how they play games and turn it into an engaging live streaming performance. Take note of important points that you can implement later. Also, study how they speak and react to the games being played to create your own unique persona.

What if You Can’t Find a Niche?

Finding a niche takes time. It requires planning and experimenting with content to attract the right audience.

Additionally, you need to learn how to edit and present your content in an engaging manner. Consider this as an investment and passion, where the benefits will be reaped in the future, proportional to your efforts.

If you encounter a roadblock, start live streaming as an experiment while searching for an angle that can be developed.


Choosing a niche is crucial for streamers to stand out and attract the right audience. It takes time and involves trial and error. Focus on one or two games and establish expertise. Select the right platform based on the audience and content. Learn from other streamers for inspiration. If you can’t find a niche, start streaming as an experiment. Patience, passion, and dedication are key.

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