How Does Twitch Payout Work? Find The Answer Here!

how does twitch payout work
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Becoming Twitch Affiliate or Partner is basically essential to earn money from streaming. These statuses will unlock many benefits, including subscription, ads, and payout. While you have already understood how subscriptions, ads, and donation work, you might now wonder: how does Twitch payout work?

Don’t worry, though. This article will explain everything about Twitch Affiliate payout and more! Without further ado, let’s just begin!

How Does Twitch Payout Work?

How Does Twitch Payout Work

When it comes to getting paid by Twitch, it’s basically a straightforward process. All you need to do is become a part of the Affiliate Program and earn a minimum of $100 in revenue. You might ask how to earn $100 if the Twitch payout hasn’t been activated yet.

Keep in mind that once you’ve become an Affiliate, you’ll be able to make money from subscriptions, ads, or accumulating Bits.

After generating $100 in revenue, Twitch will process the payment. Therefore, you’ll need to set it up with a checking account, a PayPal account, or a standard check. In case you’re almost like a freelance worker, you should provide the tax information as well.

It basically takes between three to five days to receive a Twitch payout, and if you wish to change your payout method, go to the Change Payout Method tab and select the Onboarding Info section. Then, pick any method you’d like to apply.

How to Generate Revenue as Twitch Affiliate

how to check twitch payout
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As previously stated, as an affiliate, you can get revenue through Bits, donations, and subscriptions. When it comes to Bits, each Bit is worth around 1 cent ($0.01) so 100 Bits equals $1. Nevertheless, the Bit value will be converted to a local currency (depending on where the user lives) at the same rate as the local currency.

As for subscription revenue, Twitch will split the profit 50:50 with affiliates. So, if you get $4.99 subscriptions to your channel, then Twitch will pay you $2.50.

Compared to Bits and subscriptions, Twitch donation is the most Affiliate-friendly option to make money. The profit from this way will go directly toward your payout. However, attracting sponsors to your channel is kind of tricky. Make sure to optimally brand your channel to make the sponsors look at you.

When Are You Getting Paid?

According to Twitch, each streamer will be paid around the 15th of every month under certain conditions. First, your account balance since the last day of the month they last paid should be over $50 for common payout methods and $100 with a wire transfer.

Secondly, the payment will work as it’s supposed to if there is no issue with your payout method or account information, and most importantly, your payable status is eligible.


Now that you’ve got the answer to the ‘how does Twitch payout work’ question, you can start to make effort to be a part of the Affiliate Program. Not sure how to do it? Visit our blog to find what you’re looking for. Though it will take a long road, with hard work, you’ll get there someday. Don’t forget to enjoy the process.