How to Multistream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

Multistreaming is a great way to increase your followers and viewers on multiple platforms. As a streamer, surely this will benefit you as you will be able to build your own community easier.

After all, deciding on which platform to live stream games could be difficult. Each gaming live streaming platform has its own advantages and weaknesses. Therefore, it leaves you with some questions such as which one is better? Which one will give the most benefits?

Worry not, as there is a solution to this. Instead of focusing on just one platform, why not have it all? Take a look on how to multistream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming below!

What is Multistream?

what is multistream
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Streaming video is an incredibly popular form of entertainment. Content creators use a content delivery network to share their live or recorded content with those who have access, but it’s not always easy for them.

This is due to each streaming website having different rules and limitations. In addition, deciding which platform works is a challenging thing. What is popular on one platform may be different on the other.

Multistreaming is the solution to this problem and many others. It’s just like regular live streaming, except that you’re streaming content across multiple networks simultaneously! 

So instead of focusing on a single network or setting up an expensive tech infrastructure with all those complicated options for different settings, one at a time, now we can combine them into one simulcast stream making our viewers happy while saving ourselves some money in bandwidth costs too.

The Benefits of Multistreaming

1. More Audience and Reach

The more channels you are on – the bigger your audience. In addition, multistreaming maximizes your chances of getting discovered by new audiences (think suggested videos on YouTube). 

We know that Facebook prioritizes live video content; this means a lot for creators and companies alike whose goals always include raising brand awareness or driving traffic to their business in some way!

2. Enjoy Benefits from Each Platform

Each social live video platform helps you reach a different audience and specific demographic. 

For example, YouTube is great for reaching the global community because it’s an all-encompassing platform with videos from every corner of our planet! 

Facebook has its own unique features that make it perfect in connecting to people locally – such as being able post faster than ever before (live included). 

On the other hand, Twitch is great because it is a popular platform for gamers. It has a massive gaming community that you could take advantage of.

3. Higher Statistics

It’s always handy to know where and who is your target audience. This way, you can focus more on giving them what they want!

Doing a multistream can also be very insightful, especially if you’re looking to gather statistics on where and who your audience is.

4. Practicality

A lot of work goes into steering audiences toward where a live stream is happening. With multistream, there’s no need to jump from Facebook to YouTube or any other platform for that matter; because it’s more convenient to consume livestream in your native environment!

You’re probably thinking: “How do I get my live video content from social media channels to other platforms?” Well, now with the evolution of on-demand streaming services like YouTube Go and Facebook Watch it has never been easier. Social influencers can share their best moments without being worried about downloading videos because they’ll be automatically uploaded for them!

How to Multistream

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To be able to multistream to different platforms, you need to use a software. Here, we will show you how to do it using Restream.

Restream is a multi-streaming platform that supports more than 30 platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Some users use Restream by Custom RTMP to register RTMP URL and Stream key. Now, you can use restream to login.

Let’s follow the steps one by one to multi-stream with Restream!

  1. Open Restream.
  2. Click the +Add Channel button to add to the multi-stream platform.
  3. Select the broadcasting platform you want.
  4. Connect your live broadcast accounts with ReStream.
  5. Click the authorization button to grant Restream access to your accounts.
  6. To set your chat settings, click the chat icon on the left.
  7. At the bottom right, you can see the settings button for chat settings.
  8. Click settings – embed in broadcast to find out embed URL in broadcast and details of chat settings.
  9. Customize theme, message alignment, size, and more in Settings.
  10. You’re good to go! Click the START button and go to the main page to start the live broadcast.

The Best Multistream Platforms in 2022

When it comes to multistreaming, there are many options of software that you can choose from, other than Restream. Here’s a list of them.

  1. Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live comes with unique feature called Streamshare. This tool allows users to plan their live stream in advance as well as invite participants.

2. StreamYard

Not enough memory on your computer? No worries, you can use StreamYard that is a browser-based platform that can be used to multistream.

3. Wirecast

Other than multistreaming support, Wirecast also comes with various amazing features. From graphics overlays, audio mixing, to stream recording and more, you can customize just anything for your stream using this software.

4. SplitCam

SplitCam is a software that supports multistreaming and webcam splitting. This software is known to be used for live training sessions, webinars and other virtual events.

5. XSplit

XSplit offers multistreaming support, screen capture, and even presenter streaming among its many features. This software will give you a professional streaming experience.

Tips to Get More Viewers

how to multistream
Source: Pindah Lubang

So, that’s about how to multistream. It’s really easy and you can also enjoy all the benefits from each platform!

Setting up your live stream is just the beginning. Now, you are probably thinking, how to take advantage of all the platforms and gain followers fast?

The answer is by uploading VoDs. A VoD could be in the form of a compilation video that features all your amazing gaming highlights.

When you are not streaming, your audience could resort to your VoD instead in the hopes that they will look forward to your next live session.

Thankfully, now creating a VoD is easier than ever thanks to Eklipse! Eklipse is an advanced AI that is able to capture your highlights and compile it into a video. 

No need to record your highlights and separate it manually. Just sit back and keep playing! Eklipse will do all the work for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Create the best highlights with Eklipse!