How to Stream from iOS: 3 Steps for Best Gaming Experience

Over the past year and a half, mobile gaming has experienced an explosive surge in popularity. Factors such as affordable data plans, enhanced processing capabilities, and an expanding selection of high-quality games have collectively contributed to this phenomenon. You may also wonder how to stream mobile games from iOS for a better experience as streamers.

Don’t worry. Whether you’re a seasoned mobile streamer or a newcomer, this guide will provide you with insights on how to seamlessly stream your iOS games. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choosing the Right iOS Game

When considering doing mobile game streaming from iPhone or iPad, it’s likely that you already have a specific game in mind. However, it’s crucial to understand that what makes a game fun for players might not automatically make it interesting for viewers.

Hence, you have to figure out the best game to stream. You can check the latest popular games on iOS or adjust with your audience’s preferences. You can also gain more inspiration from our list of best games here: The Best Video Games for Beginner Gamers.

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Step 2: Getting Started with Third-Party Apps for iOS

The best and easiest way to stream mobile games on iOS is by using third-party apps, like Streamlabs. You have to download and install Streamlabs on your iOS device. Once downloaded, proceed to log in to the app using your preferred platform credentials.

Before going live, you can tailor the appearance of your stream layout by navigating to Menu > Editor. You can also use some widgets like Alert Box, Event List, and Chat Box to enhance the quality of your live streaming session.

Once satisfied with your stream’s layout, click on the Menu icon in the top left corner and select “Screen capture.”

Step 3: Initiating the Live Stream

Now you can initiate the live stream by simply hitting the “Go Live” button.

Once the stream is live, keep the app active, launch your chosen game, and start sharing your gameplay with the world. Don’t forget to create an attention-grabbing title and description for your stream as well.

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully discovered how effortless it is to stream your mobile games on iOS. Happy streaming and good luck!

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