How To Stream Privately On Twitch: A Simple Guide

How to stream privately on Twitch? Before answering that question, we will start with what private streaming is and why streamers would do it. Private streaming is basically when a streamer is not going live publicly. It means that none or at least only special viewers can watch their stream.

Additionally, some streamers do it for testing purposes, such as checking the camera, mic, and connection so there won’t be any errors during the real streaming. Or, simply because some streamers just want to make their live streaming more private.

Although Twitch doesn’t provide any service that allows its users to do private streaming, luckily there are alternative ways how to set Twitch accounts to private stream. Let’s get to know more about it.

How To Stream On Twitch Privately In a Private Channel

How to Set Up Private Twitch Stream in 2022

The easiest route you can take to broadcast privately is through a private channel on Twitch. However, before you create this ‘testing’ account, make sure you pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Don’t write your real or clear name on it. Make an account that no one will know that’s you.
  2. Instead, write the most unique name – as odd as possible by adding numbers, or random characters which are unlikely to be searched.
  3. Once you’ve set up your new account, you can begin streaming live.
  4. Try making live streaming with no title, tags, or even category. 
  5. Give the stream link only to those whom you want to watch it. Please take note that this step will be good if you have a testing purpose.

Try The Subscriber-only Stream on Twitch

If making a new anonymous channel doesn’t interest you, you can try another alternative. Set your streaming to be available only for restricted viewers. Let’s say subscriber-only.

With that said, only your loyal subscriber will be involved and able to watch your stream. Additionally, loyal subscribers means those who paid to enjoy your content. 

However, to be able to host this sub-only streaming, you have to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Check our blog to know how to be a Twitch affiliate. If you feel like taking this route and have met the requirement, then just do the following steps.

  • To begin with, go to and log in to your account.
  • Then, click the profile picture and find the Creator Dashboard option under the drop-down menu.
How To Stream On Twitch
Source: Technipages
  • Next up, hop on to Stream Manager, and click on Edit Stream Info.
Source: Alphr
  • Afterward, go to Audience section and change it to Subscribers Only. Hit Done.
Source: Dot Esports
  • Voila! Now you can go broadcast yourself exclusively.

Your viewers are now restricted only to your subscribers. It’s worth noting that the VIPs or Moderators on TikTok are still able to see your live stream too despite they are not your subscriber. Just revoke their access manually if you don’t want that to happen.

Anyway, don’t forget to send your subscribers any gifts to show your appreciation for their loyalty.

How To Stream Privately On Twitch With Inspector Key

Using Twitch Inspector is another option to stream privately on Twitch. This is basically an application that allows you to test the bitrate quality, even the internet connection of your stream before going live. You can access it through the Don’t worry, it’s free and beginner-friendly. Here’s how it works.

  • First, go to the and log in using your Twitch credential and authorize the inspector.
test your internet connection on twitch using inspector
Source: Streamerfacts
  • Then, click Run a Stream Test.
how to run a stream test on
Source: Streamerfacts
  • Furthermore, there will be a popup window that requires you to fill Twitch Stream Key.
  • Next up, hit Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream.
  • You’ll find your Stream Key, then copy it.
Source: Business Insider
  • Afterward, open Streamlabs OBS software on your device.
  • Navigate to Settings > Stream > Stream to custom ingest.
Source: Streamlabs
  • Paste the copied stream key.
  • Add this line after ?bandwidthtest=true. So your stream key will be like “live_0000000_xxxxxxxxxxxx?bandwidthtest=true
how to copy/paste your streamkey in your OBS software
Source: Streamerfacts

Now, you can go live privately on Twitch by using this inspector key. If you want to do the real-life, just go back to Settings > Stream > Stream to custom ingest and click Use Recommended Settings.


That’s how to stream privately on Twitch. Hopefully, you’ll find this article useful to help you give the best performance while streaming on Twitch later. Other than that, adopting the subs-only streaming can also build stronger chemistry with your loyal subscribers so that they’ll walk with you and support you all the time.

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