How to Make Twitch Clip Private [2024 Guide]

Clips are a great way to capture and share the best moments from your Twitch streams with your viewers. But what if you want to keep a clip private? How to make a clip private on Twitch?

Maybe it’s a clip of you making a mistake, or maybe it’s a Twitch Clip of you saying something you don’t want the public to see. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to make a clip private on Twitch. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to make a clip private on Twitch.

Whether you’re a new streamer or a seasoned pro, this guide is for you. So let’s get started!

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How to Make a Clip Private on Twitch: YouTube Procedure

If you want to stream privately but can’t find a way in Twitch, there’s one easy solution. All it takes is some creativity and luck with your subscribers! YouTube has exclusive features that allow users create their own live streams without any interference from others (apart from blocked chats).

  1. In order to live stream on YouTube from your phone, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. If not already done so with the appropriate settings in place beforehand-you can either use a web cam or Desktop computer (for an alternative).
  2. Your account will also need verified via ascendingly 24 hours before performing this action which involves inputting all necessary information into their official website.
  3. Tap the capture icon to start recording a video. If you’re just starting out with YouTube, make sure that it has permission in order for your app’s camera and microphone devices on first-time use only.
  4. Whether you want to share your stream with specific people or keep it private, there are various options available. You can select “Unlisted” if certain individuals will only have access the link that’s shared by clicking on this setting; whereas other viewers won’t be able find out where they’re watching unless someone tells them directly after sharing away
  5. Last but not least, use the “finish” to stop streaming once you are done putting out the show

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Why Hide Clips on Twitch?

Ready to level up your Twitch streaming game? Hiding clips on Twitch is your secret weapon for content curation, privacy protection, and quality assurance. It’s all about maintaining a consistent image, safeguarding personal information, and showcasing your best content. Let’s explore the exciting advantages of hiding clips on Twitch:

  1. Content curation:
    • Hiding clips allows you to curate your channel’s content, ensuring that it aligns with your style and maintains a consistent image.
    • It’s like being the curator of your own virtual art gallery, handpicking the highlights that truly represent your gaming prowess and creativity.
    • By curating your clips, you create a channel that reflects your expertise, resonates with your audience, and leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Privacy protection:
    • Hiding clips is a smart move to protect your personal information and maintain control over what you share with the world.
    • As a streamer, you have the right to keep certain moments or aspects of your life private, and hiding clips helps you achieve that.
    • It’s like having your own virtual vault, where you can store away any clips that contain personal details or sensitive content, ensuring they remain hidden from public view.
  3. Quality assurance:
    • Hiding low-quality or irrelevant clips is a surefire way to maintain a high standard of content on your Twitch channel.
    • It’s like being the director of your own gaming masterpiece, carefully curating the best scenes that showcase your skills and captivate your audience.
    • By ensuring that viewers see only the best representation of your content, you create an immersive and engaging streaming experience that keeps them coming back for more.

How to Block Streams On Twitch

Twitch is a popular live-streaming service that allows gamers to broadcast their gameplay sessions. You’ll find the Twitch app icon on your home screen, usually in between apps like YouTube and Facebook Messenger.

There are a few ways you can prevent people from viewing your Twitch stream. One way is by blocking them before they even get to view the channel, which only takes a moment of time and effort on their end!

  1. Log in if prompted when jumping onto an already-open session or tap one’s avatar located right next up there near where it says “Your Profile” after logging into our site as well.
  2. Tap Go Live. You’ll find this under the avatar. If you are streaming for the first time on the Twitch app, you might be required to allow the app to use your camera and microphone as well as go through a tutorial.
  3. Tap the drop-down menu. You will be required to select a category in which you would like your stream, for instance Gaming, Hanging out or Just Chatting.
  4. To block a viewer, simply tap on their name in the list. A menu with all of your options for blocking them will slide onto screen so that you can make an informed decision about what action to take next!
  5. Tap Block to prevent unwanted messages from users on your Twitch feed. You will have the option of confirming this action, which means they cannot contact or comment in any posts that appear towards you while viewing their own profile page- but it doesn’t affect what is shown publicly!


Whether you want to make a clip private on Twitch, block users from viewing your live stream, or hide certain parts of your channel for people who are not followers on social media, there is an easy way.

YouTube has the ability to let you set privacy settings that will help protect all aspects of what you share with others while using their site and software. Wondering how? Check out our blog post about it here!

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